Sydney punk duo GAY RODEO have hit the ground running with a brand new video for their song VEGEMITE. This will definitely go down a treat when it makes its debut on National TV this week just before Neighbours on Channel 10, a great time slot for this classic song by a band that till yesterday we didn’t even know existed.

Also if you get a chance you can vote for Vegemite as it is also a finalist in The International Best Jingle Awards of 2015.  The boys have been flown out to Canada and will be debuting Vegemite live at the awards. Stars like Kanye West and Iggy Pop are both said to be attending.

Made by Mtv award-winning film director Glenn Chalk (the Matrix) the guys are currently working on another video which will be released as a vinyl video, something that has never been done before. Look out for their debut EP, set to drop on Iggy Pop’s yet to be named record label.

Congrats guys!



Good music is good music and this album is filled with all the things that makes good Popular music amazing. We bumped into the most wanted man on earth right now at Flinders Hotel on a random Wednesday night a week ago. There we were talkin shit outside the Flinders and a silver Merc pulls up. And who gets out? Yeezy! All the girls went to him like dogs to shit. We bought Kanye a drink and we talked more alot of shit. It was a nice moment, but it was a real Simpsons moment too.

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is an awesome record. Full of tales of lust, love and the relationship between a man, his dick, girls, fame and the world. Every mans fantasy come true. The beats and production are timeless and there isn’t one weak moment on this album. Not one. Nada.

History Maker Game Changer.