Tanya Horo owns one of the most angelic voices in the Sydney music scene today. Unfortunately for us, she is overseas with her band Sherlock’s Daughter getting on with the show and making the bigger picture happen. The last time we saw her was in Brooklyn, New York where they played a blistering set. After their set we all said our sad goodbyes, Sherlock’s Daughter were staying in New York. Well, she’s been busy with her new life over there and we just wanted to catch up, see what was happening and find out a little more. Here’s what she had to say.

Where did you grow up?

I grew in to an adult in New Zealand.

Did you find music or did music find you?

Well music kinda found me, I remember watching the Sunday Horrors ( I’d sneak up) and the music was fascinating, I’d have nightmares about it, but the nightmare was more about the music than anything else, then I had a pet frog that I used to try to sing to sleep …. probably horror style as that was my first influence, then my dad taught me chopsticks, I’ve never been the same since.

Can you recall one of your favourite early childhood memories?

Actually this may seem gross but I’m sure a lot of families have done this, sitting in the damp, we used to go once a week as they were free back then. And eating cherries off a tree that someone had just dumped, wild and free, I just remember feeling really happy.

Is there a connection between your childhood with how you turned out artistically as an adult?

Yeah there is …. All childhoods are different (be them good or bad) and how you decide for that to reflect on you as adult creates the outcome of your mental state of mind. Artistically I was never taught to be anything other than what felt natural to me – So terrible or not my parents appreciated it – So I guess that has affected my wiring when it comes to writing and creating.

What made you want to join a band?

I got lonely.

You are currently living in New York with your band Sherlock’s Daughter. I know most people here are envious of you guys, how does life in the big apple differ to life in the small apple; Sydney?

Life here is the perfect example of Yin and Yang, there is so much amazing stuff going on here and so much terrible stuff at the same time. By stuff I mean; life, not necessarily in NYC but in America, NYC itself is a multi faceted rainbow with gold at the end of it, however in order to get that gold you fight dragons and demons (mainly your own) the gold isn’t necessarily wealth either, its just some deeper understanding of what it means to be human. I love NYC, I think this city is crazy, I think everyone needs to live here at least once in their life. We all miss Sydney and will be home for the Summer in January, but until then we are here and its nuts.

You’re in Brooklyn right?

I’m in Long Island City – which is beautiful, I was really lucky to get a massive warehouse space for cheap (NYC) and the boys are in Bushwick, but probably relocating here. ha ha

Ok so are you seeing your band members alot more than just turning up to jams and gigs? has anything changed?

A lot changes, we don’t have the comfort of being home, we have to find our feet as individuals again in NYC, in Sydney we spent pretty much every day together, here right now we don’t see each other that much for now. We’ve just finished the album and we’re now working on getting our live shows sorted. So we are coming out of isolation and spending more time together and that’s how it should be, we are family it’s nice to be together again… ha ha soppy.

Where did the name Sherlock’s Daughter come from?

I am a huge fan of Arthur Conan Doyle and I was writing a lot of songs that I thought were going to be just me playing solo, so I called myself Sherlock’s Daughter, then I started jamming with the guys and the natural progression was the band – and the name just stayed.

What’s your perspective on Sydney music now that you are so far away?

Nothing has changed really, Sydney music scene was amazing, we had some great friends there in amazing bands, and those bands compared to the music here are still fucken amazing, it’s just I think a personal thing to want to change something sometimes, also there are quite a few Sydney bands that play here quite a lot.

Is there a live scene over there in the NYC? Do the guys from TV on the Radio circumnavigate the same cafes as you do?

Funny you should mention them, ah yes! You see a lot of band people everywhere and it’s the same here as it is in Sydney, I remember meeting some guys from a band in Sydney that I was like … wow its’ blah blah from blah blah, but they don’t care, it’s just like ‘hey man’ … it’s easy … L.A I’m sure would be completely different but NYC is pretty earthy.

Would you recommend that more Sydney bands should do it like how you guys are doing it?

I definitely think so, it’s not that Australia is small, but it’s good for you to challenge yourself, it’s good for a band to go, fuck it, less just go away for 6 months and play music, do what we love and be crazy …. It opens you up to different things, different perspectives, different ways to do the same thing and of course a different audience. It’s just good for the soul.

What’s filling up your spare time?

Thoughts of how to make money – ha ha

What inspires you to remain creative?

I can’t do anything else, I can’t work in a 9 – 5 job, I’m just wired that way, lets regress back to my childhood for that one.

There must be some creature comforts that you must miss back home?

Well, I miss the beach, I miss the food, creatively I miss the calm, it’s chaotic here, it’s not calm, however again it’s a different perspective to be writing in….

Any negatives about being so far away?

Yeah heaps ….. It’s not for everyone definitely, I suffer from panic attacks, so being here woah…. Far out talk about therapy, so I miss the calm, the buses, the beach and being able to escape. Not everyone that comes here will want to stay.

You guys have been growing creatively as a kind of quiet yet solid force. Does being the only girl member in a band keep the energy in check?

Ha ha… well I can’t really answer that – as I’m the girl, I’m older than the guys, so I’m also the oldest! I don’t know, let’s be honest the guys drive me crazy!!!!!!!!! But I love them.

So what’s next on your musical journey?

We’ve just finished our album, and now we are working towards tours and live shows …. So next step is playing and playing and playing.

Do you have any advice to give to anyone out there starting out in a band?

I don’t, I’m the worst person in the world to give advice, I never listen to my own or anyone else’s… just do it.

What’s the best thing about music right now?

I think if it’s what you truly want to do then you’re being honest to yourself and that’s amazing. It’s hard pursuing creative endeavors as there isn’t really a massive back bone in society to help you live and do it at the same time… but why settle for doing something you don’t love, fuck that.

You guys have done some funny video blogs, what’s your view on the internet? Have you figured it out?

Well, it’s a gadget isn’t it? like a left-handed can opener …. We just keep ourselves amused from time to time and have a place to share it …. Haha it will probably get taken away from us soon anyway – too much information. Ah conspiracy.

Name some of your favourite New York bands right now.

The Antlers, love those guys, Moondog …. Small Black, Neon Indian. I haven’t been out much but so far these guys are great!

Are you a movie buff or a book head? Give us your current fave’s.

Well, I’m a movie buff and I have shit taste, just ask anyone that knows me, I love Adam Sandler movies, and teenage horrors, it’s gross. Outside of that I like to read Stephen King and have a nice glass of whiskey and a lay down.

Any recent life changing moments?

Yeah having a panic attack on a packed New York Subway.

Cremation or Burial?

hmmmm will ask someone else that question.

Any last words of wisdom?

God get your wisdom teeth out if they play up, it’s not worth the pain thinking they will go down again.



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