If you are from the skate scene there is no doubt you will know Mr (Brett) Stokes. The guy is what all humans should look at as a bench mark in life. He’s full of positive vibes and is a full force of talent, humour and good times. Outside of the skateboard world of Krew, where he spends most of his man hours, Mr Stokes plays bass in Sydney Soul Punk band, FAIT ACCOMPLI. The boys are releasing their latest double a side single NO FOOL / ON A BLUE DAY through MAKEyourself RECORDS and are currently on tour celebrating this special occasion. Before boarding a UFO we had a little bit of a conversation with Mr Stokes. This is what he had to say.

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in a small beach town. It was like living in a bubble but I got to surf everyday. I was chased by a shark once.

Was music in the family? or did you pick it up somewhere?
Not really but I was lucky to have neighbours when I was a kid whose Dad was a drummer in a band, so we always had a kit to smash and there was always guitars lying around their place. Later on I just taught myself to play other things.

Can you recall one of your favourite early childhood memories?
Breakdancing and making petrol bombs.

Did you always want to be in the music game? What made you want to join a band?
When I was a kid this older friend had the most amazing 80’s heavy metal record collection. I would sit there for hours going through them looking at the art just totally psyched thinking the hair metal guys in the photos were the coolest shit I’d ever seen. My mum wouldn’t let me listen to them cause she was into God but it didn’t matter, I knew I wanted to be in a band from that point. Also later on listening to Peter Hook play bass for Joy Division really influenced me alot.

If you weren’t a musician what would you be doing?
Conspiracy Theorist or Serial Pest.

Tell us something about your hometown.
Sharks might chase you once.

Describe the state of the Sydney music scene in 2011?
I’m lucky to have friends in some amazing bands. I also don’t like shit bands that get amazing supports based on back slapping praise from back stabbing men.

What are the positives about being an independent band?
Freedom to create without constraints.

The negatives?
Sometimes independent bands don’t get the recognition they deserve until they are gone.

What inspires you to remain creative?
Seeing crazy UFO footage and knowing that I would spontaneously combust without some form of creativity. Art and reading about the Crusades, World War 2 footage, Coopers, My girl, My successful friends and my shit deadbeat friends, Being cursed by Ancient Chinese Warriors.

Name some artists in Australia that you really dig?
Beastman is the boss of all bosses. I also like Pidgeonboy, but my homie BB Bastidas from the states who is like kinda of an honorary Aussie is amazing. And Ozzie Wrong has always been a fave and of course Ray Lalotoa.

Outside of the music game you work with international skate brand Krew. What role does music play within the creative output of Krew?

Krew has alot of design influenced from the music scene and culture. We’ve got some amazing plans for future collabs and events here in Australia. I also got to hang out with Pete Wentz once. He was a very small human.

What’s the best thing about music right now?
That people can play the harp, like how do you make a kid learn the harp? Also I really want to see somebody make a mistake in an orchestra, like really fuck up and ruin the performance, preferably an oboe player.

What are your thoughts about the internet and downloading?
I would steal a car.

You are releasing a new double a side single, what did you learn from working with two different producers at once?
Dylan is one of my very good friends so working with him was always going to be a breeze and I learnt what I already knew which was, Dylan Adams is a lord. Hammer from Defwolf is a genius as well and I learnt that his ear is better than a tuner at hearing my bass being in tune. His beard is also on another level of awesome.

What was the inspiration behind these new songs?
Something fun and something dark. Like my life tends to be.

What has been your favourite town to play in Australia? and why?
Batemans Bay was rad cause the people there are awesome and really appreciate bands playing there. Melbourne and Sydney are cool given the right moment.

What’s next on the cards for Fait Accompli?
More recording and touring. Maybe an art show! Writing for our album.

Favourite City in the world?

Worst City?
Nutbush City Limits

You have some pretty cool sayings? like ‘Living’ ‘Winning’ (Sorry Charlie Sheen you were a couple of years late with that one) ‘Best man’ ‘O Life!’ and ‘We got this’ there’s more… Where did this habit for word play come from?

I have ADHD haha I tend to flare too often. I like a tangent also.

Favourite song right now?
“That Aint Bad” Ratcat

Are you a movie buff or a book head? give us your current fave’s.
Man I love documentaries I’ll watch them about anything. I just watched ‘Who Killed Nancy’ about Sid Vicious, man and I gotta say – he didn’t do it. Joy Division doco is my favourite. Elvis movies are bad ass too, like the one where he’s a race car driver, so good.

Any recent life changing moments?
Yeah the recent UFO footage people have been filming is insane. I’ve been like freaking out on that shit since I was a kid.

Cremation or Burial?
Weekend At Bernies

Any last words of wisdom?
You don’t win friends with salad

double a side single
out thru MAKEyourself RECORDS

Catch Mr Stokes with FAIT ACCOMPLI at Spectrum, Sydney 16/07 + The Patch, Wollongong 22/07 + North St Cafe, Batemans Bay 23/07.

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