Have you heard of Sydney band Zeahorse? Well they’ve been around for a couple of years now and they know how to rock the hell out of a Casbah. They started off 2010 with an opening slot for ‘Them Crooked Vultures’, released their debut mini album and did a massive East Coast tour. Zeahorse are now writing and getting some well deserved downtime.

We caught up with front man Morgan for a little chat. Here’s what he had to say.

Where did you grow up?

In the burbs of Hornsby.

Did you come from an arty/musical family?

I’ve come from a pretty square background, engineers, salesmen, teachers etc but my grandfather loves to wail. My brother is an installation artist/genius, the first creative type to date in my family.

What was the first thing that drew you to making music?

My first drum roll. It gave me a sense of expression and freedom that nothing could come close to.

Can you recall one of your favourite early childhood music memories?

I do remember nailing this super-geek scale in recorder class and my mum thought it was dope so she bought me the super duper shake from Wendys, you know the ones?, kind of look like heaven in a milkshake.

Do you think your childhood had alot to do with how you turned out musically as an adult?

Without a doubt! I mean my parents didn’t have the best record collection bar the B52s, but I was brought up to think for myself and create my own world with everything I did and that was the attitude I carried into creating music.

Tell us about the first time you thought you want to be in a band.

It was recorder class. I think I may had even walked out, I was drowning the whole class out from playing too loud and the teacher performed her usual banana flip and it was then that I had this feeling like fuck this shit I wanna make noise and I want to throw myself around and I wanna yell and scream and do my own banana flip.

How has that journey been so far?

Ha ha! slow. I began playing trumpet in year 4, drums in year 7, quit trumpet in year 10, began singing in year 11 in a strange punk/originals band, when I finished school I began to fiddle around with a guitar whilst becoming part of a bong smoking group called the A-team. I then moved up to Lismore to study audio engineering with Max, the baritone man in Zeahorse. We met Julian mr drum freak and formed a kind of lame rock band and then that morphed into the present band ZEAHORSE.

Tell us a few things you like to do in your spare time? 

I like to surf. Read. Play with my cat. See bands. Listen to records. Cook. Smoke.

Your band Zeahorse have had a pretty good start, releasing your mini album recently and getting out there playing shows. Can you tell us about the positives about being an independent band? 

We dont have to answer to anyone and we dont have to make shitty compromises. It’s pretty much what every band should be like. It’s losers who think that they can tell a band how to write, behave and look that ruin genuine music, fuck off to your desk job and stay there.

The negatives?

The youth have become lazy with searching out alternative music.

How did it all come together for you guys as a band?

Most of the story I have told up there but we moved back to Sydney and thats when Benny our bass player joined. That’s when we really began to write music that we were proud of.

You guys are all close friends, how does this affect how things are done in Zeahorse?

It gives us the ability to create songs from four perspectives. There is no one song writer. Being friends creates an understanding and respect for each of our ideas. That’s the reason why Zeahorse works.

Do you have any advice to give to anyone out there starting out as a band?

Be nice to the sound guy, cause he has the ability to make you sound like shit.

What’s your favourite bands on the scene right now? tell us a little about them.

The Go Roll Your Bones, The Laurels, Richard In Your Mind, Sleep Debt, r.i.p Talons
Great songwriters and all round super nice guys.

What other creative things do you do? Any side projects? new projects? art projects? Anything coming up in the pipeline?

Im starting a new band with some friends which is just going to be some noisy garage jammin. All the other dudes have other musical activities going on too. Julz plays in The Bellweather Department and Max and Benny are playing some sweet droney stuff that might be called Swamp Donkey? I think that’s a great name don’t you? yay for Swamp Donkey.

So what will be happening in the future?

More writing for Zeahorse and hopefully another release by the end of the year.

Are you a movie buff or a book head?

I am neither but im working on my book head.

Any recent life changing moments?


Cremation or Burial?

Cremation shortly snorted by my lover. (If they’re down for that)

Any last words of wisdom?

You don’t get anywhere by being a jerk.

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