Christian Best is a prominent character on the Sydney music scene. He is a smiley guy, plays a mean screaming guitar and is  a young living  legend. He also has lungs to match those of Beastie Boys Mike D and all members of  Black Lips in a screamathon and still come out on top. The future is bright and Christian has the musical skills  and some art skills too. We caught up with Christian in a cafe in East Berlin, he was there seeing a mad scientist about some new guitar pedals. Here’s what he had to say.

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Mt Colah which is in Sydney’s north-west, i lived on the only street in my area that wasn’t council housing, so I was always considered rich! I’ve never lost that ability to feel a million bucks.
Did you come from an arty/musical family?
My dad plays the bagpipes in a marching band and my mum plays the tenor drum in there too. They’re pretty amazing. They wear kilts and everything!
What was the first thing that drew you to making music?
I never thought I was capable of making anything except mischief. I was really into Bart Simpson and Ren and Stimpy.  Then my sister’s boyfriend (who had a huge mullet) encouraged me to listen to metal. In no time I bought a warlock guitar and played Slayer songs.

Also my dad used to go wild to this band called Slade from the 70’s who were these ugly glam guys with buck teeth.  I thought if those guys could do it anyone can!


Can you recall one of your favourite early childhood music memories?
We used to go on holidays in a corona station wagon and listen to the war of the worlds on tape. That still blows my mind. My
family told me it was a real radio transmission and it scared the shit outta me.
Do you think your childhood had alot to do with how you turned out musically as an adult? why?
Most def! I just finished an album based around folk and sci-fi so yep, The war of the worlds thing never left me. The bagpipes also gave me a love for loud dissident noises.

Tell us about the first time you thought I want to be in a band.

I never really thought to be in a band, Talons was pretty much my first. But that was more born out of wanting to hang out with my pal Ben who played drums, the logical conclusion was to start a band.

How has that journey been thus far?

The journey has been good! I highly recommend it to “troubled teens”

Tell us a few things you like to do in your spare time.

I don’t deal with spare time too well, but if I have to relax I like to drink beer. I also draw a lot. I’m currently building a 1/2 pipe in my house. I like to keep busy.

You’re one of the few people in Sydney who have experienced the full independent band spectrum from say jamming, recording to touring and releasing on an Indie label. Can you tell us about the positives?

There are heaps of positives!!!!! You meet the best people who are doing it for all the right reasons, you get to go to places like Newcastle that you’d never normally end up in. Plus all the celebrity perks.

The negatives?

There are also lots o jerks lurking about the business!

Do you have any advice to give to anyone out there starting out as a band?

Not really! Ummmm never take your shirt off on stage. Never. Even if you’re insanely hot. You’ll look like Dave Navarro. He looks like a shiny cock.

What’s your favourite band right now to listen to? tell us a little about them.

I like sci-fi,  horror and western movie soundtracks at the moment, guys like  Ennio Morricone and Vangelis do amazing interesting sounds. I’m thrashing the flaming lips’ new album too and also Black moth super rainbow……. I’m sure you already know plenty about the flaming lips so I’ll spare you, but black moth do great retardo electronic musics.

Also the new Richard in your Mind album is crazy good! Plus lots of Ween always. And wooden wand and the vanishing voice, they do creepy droney folk. I’m sure there’s heaps more I can remember.

What other creative things do you do? Any side projects? new projects? art projects? anything coming up in the pipeline?

I’m mixing my new project called Vital Organs, which I just recorded with the legendary Spod so that’s keeping me busy. It’s a whole album and it’s gonna be called Life Data: 2010. It’s based on science fiction.

Spod is a mysterious and much-loved character in the Sydney music scene. Tell us a little bit about Spod.

SPOD is the man of my dreams. I had always wanted to work with him because Im a big fan of his records and general takes on life. He really got what I was trying to do and proceeded to jockey this project to victory.

And we both developed a Fred Durst obsession too….. Best of times!!!!!!

So what will be happening in the future for you?
Hopefully I’ll figure out how to play Vital Organs live! Also making assorted videos for the songs.
Are you a movie buff or a book head?

I like both, I really love Kurt Vonneguts books he’s a literary wizard! And as I said before, sci-fi, horror and westerns.

Cremation or Burial?

Cremation! Otherwise your carbon gets trapped underground and doesn’t get the chance to be part of anything else!

Any last words of wisdom?

The past and the future are hard to change, but every moment is a gift!  That’s why it’s called the present! (sign on the wall in the coffee shop I’m inside)

Thanks Christian you rock!



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