Our Feature Artists FERN have given us a treat by choosing 5 of their favourite videos by 5 pretty amazing talented peeps doin some cool things in the world of music right now. So check out the 5 videos on this special list by FERN and head out on a musical trip.

Connan Mockasin – Forever Dolphin Love

Elli Ingram – Table for Two

Foxygen – Avalon

The Ruminators – How Can I

Raindrop – Only Hope


10 /// BY FERN

We asked our feature artists FERN to send us 10 images which would tell us a story of what is inspiring their creatively right now…

1 fern1. One of the first shows we ever played. During the set our friend climbed onto the roof and took this photo.

2 fern2. Atlas Sound and Broadcast. A dream. 

3 fern3. A necessary evil.

4 fern4. Front row at Primal Scream a few nights ago.

5 fern4. Untitled.

6 fern
5. Waking up to records on the floor.

7 fern6. We try to make music like this…

8 fern7. …But mostly it feels like this.

9 fern9. if pictures could speak. 

10 fern10. Dream big.


We caught up with our feature artists FERN to have a chat about life as a band in the Sydney scene. Check out their story and the inspirations behind their sound.

What was the meaning behind the name FERN?
We just wanted something simple. We were nameless for a while before our original drummer suggested ‘Fern’… and it stuck.

How did the band come together?
A few years ago Scott and Lauren started jamming every now and then. After a while we had a few vague song ideas, so we asked our friend Adrian around to play some drums with us and things grew from there.

Can you describe your musical style?
Noise-pop. We like the idea of blending pop elements with sounds that are weird, more experimental… sometimes grating.

What is your song writing process?
We don’t have a defined process, but our songs often stem from one particular sound or a riff. It Comes Slow, for example, started off with Scott making that stuttery/ shaky synth sound that lies underneath the whole song. Then the bass line, guitar and vocals all developed around it.

Do you have any favourite Local bands you’d like to recommend?
Stephen Bailey. Been spinning his album Silo a lot lately, it’s beautiful.

Which artist would you like to open for? what’s your dream lineup with you guys in it?
It would be pretty dreamy to open for Bob Dylan.

What is your favourite live gig experience as an audience member?
One of our favourites was seeing Connan Mockasin’s solo show a couple of years back. The venue was pretty intimate and he has this amazing energy that seemed to mesmerise the whole crowd. At one point he got everyone lying down on the floor and did the most graceful crowd surfing you’ve ever seen. He’s like an incredibly talented, sultry, jazz-swan.

Who are your musical influences?
Deerhunter, Atlas Sound, Broadcast, My Bloody Valentine, The Horrors…

Is there a message you are trying to convey within your music?
Maybe from song to song, but not so much any one overriding message.

What has been your favourite show so far as a band?
We haven’t done many live shows, but a favourite would be a little festival we played in the bush down south alongside a bunch of mate’s bands, on a stage that was built by our friends. We’d had some issues during set-up and thought we might be in for a disaster… but everything just fell into place and we had an amazing night.

What are you guys currently working on?
We’ve just released our third single, Absentee. Now we want to get stuck into another one that’s been on the back burner for a while.

Any tour plans ahead?
Not just yet.

If your band was given some decent money to spend on your next release what would you guys do?
We’d love to get vinyl pressed some day… and maybe we’d collaborate with some other musicians and visual/ performance artists to put on a really creative show in a cool space.

What are your thoughts about Sydney as a music scene?
There’s a lot of amazing artists popping up around Sydney, it’s pretty inspiring… And hard to keep up.

Any fun gigs on the horizon?
Hopefully soon!

Do you have any strange pre gig rituals?
Interpretive dance.

Name the best post show food?
Does beer count?

If FERN was a movie which one would it be?
The Lobster

 Famous Last words?
“This song’s aaaalmost done, just gotta change a couple of small things. Can’t be far off now.”

FERN 2018.jpg


Hello friends! How’s the summer treating you all? Where ever you are we just hope that you’re enjoying its many incarnations of heat, wind and cold (LOLs!) no matter what!

So start the year off with a Bang! we are going to get back into the blogging side of things. So you’ll be seeing alot more movement on the MSR website from us in 2018.

To kick things off we want to introduce you to a new band that we met over the holidays. They have a great sound and the dreamy soundscapes they create are nothing short of spectacular! We’re hoping their music will create some nice summer vibes for all you lovers out there. We can’t wait to get to know these cool cats over the next month and we hope you enjoy getting to know them too by sharing their sounds with your friends.

Keep checking in as we push the discovery button with our new friends. All the action will be happening at our pages!

instagram http://instagram.com/mysydneyriot
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twitter /// http://twitter.com/mysydneyriot
and here! http://mysydneyriot.com

So please raise a toast to our very first…

Feature Artist /// February 2018 – FERN



FERN was born from a series of drunken jam sessions around 2015, when Scott and Lauren eventually asked a friend around to hit some drums. With a small but growing collection of music gear we recorded, produced and released our first track ‘It Comes Slow’… and were stoked with it’s reception. Scott and Lauren mainly co-write FERN‘s songs, which bring together elements of pop and noise. We’ve spent a lot of time in our practice space mucking around with different equipment and software to create some weird, obscure sounds. We’ve since released a couple more songs and have been playing with guitarist/engineer/wizard Dan and drummer Billy since last year.

Email: info@fernmusic.com.au
Music store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/absentee-single/1328603182
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FERN-1673238422913178/


Music: noise pop

Hometown: Sydney

Band members: Scott Jackson, Lauren Williams, Dan Frizza, Billy O’Key

Featured song:

Story behind song: Just a song about growing older.

Recorded at: Home studio

Soundcloud link: https://soundcloud.com/fernmusic/absentee

Free Download? Yes



2013 has been a year of discovery for us here at MY SYDNEY RIOT and we have enjoyed getting to know so many amazing bands from all around the Country, but especially Sydney. This city is currently churning out some of the best unknown bands in Australia at the moment and it’s about time too.

We have actually come across many more awesome bands this year, but this is just a list of 13 bands that we realised had a couple of things in common, we had no idea who they were this time last year and on top of that none of these bands have any real radio support which also makes this little write-up all the more amazing and somewhat bizarre.

So here are 13 bands that you probably had no idea existed in 2013. You might wanna check them out in 2014. Yew! Continue reading “13 BANDS YOU PROBABLY HAD NO IDEA EXISTED IN 2013”



City: Melbourne, Vic
Style: Garage / Menopause
Members: Jake Doyle, Dean Whitby, Jonny Badlove, Adam Ritchie, Isaac Forsyth

DRUNK MUMS are by and large a steam train garage punk rock monster who probably own the virtual keys to the city of Melbourne if the award was based on the band that rocks out the most till the break of dawn.

They’re kinda like AC DC in over drive and man they party hard in the real tradition of rock n’ roll which has been handed down to the lucky few by the god fathers. Their riffs are killer and their vibe on stage is all good times and tellin stories of where they’re from in Melbourne suburbia.

You know when you have a wave system and it shows you the peaks? well take away the bottom 80% and the 20% left over at the top is where DRUM MUMS operate, on high energy punk rock n’ roll and that’s both on and off stage.

If you get a chance get out there catch these guys live. They’re a ball of energy and you will no doubt have the most funnest night out of your life.

So keep one eye out for DRUNK MUMS in April when they return to the road to do what they do best, which is KICK OUT THE JAMS! AND PARTY! and the other eye keep it firmly on your girlfriend. Don’t let the mullets fool ya, the boys have street fightin girl stealin charm. You ready? Bloody Better Be!




Artist: SUI ZHEN
City: Sydney/Melbourne
Style: folk, exotic, easy-listening, electronic pop
Members: Rebecca Freeman

Rebecca Freeman aka SUI ZHEN is one of those artists who you don’t know but you actually know her songs. You’ll be driving along tapping to a tune coming from the radio and then later on you’re like “O that’s Sui Zhen? right! I knew that”.

We met Sui Zhen a few years back when myspace was the thing and MSR was just starting out. She was just starting out too, she was friendly, talented and she played a few of our events, primarily the LA FEMME (all girl) shows. There were two really amazing things about SUI ZHEN that really stood out to us, her amazing ability to write catchy songs which went well with her shiny, multi pitched, captivating voice. Secondly, she really knew how to engage with the room between songs, you could make audio tapes of her speaking between songs, she’s are that good. So pretty much from then on, we were hooked. But like many artists, she disappeared from our radar, pretty sure she did some overseas adventures and now she’s back.

She’s been making waves over the years and has enjoyed alot of love from FBi Radio in Sydney, but this year it really feel like there’s a shift, the production of her music is entering a new dimension and the SUI ZHEN story to us feels like it’s on its way to brighter and exciting musical territories.

Her Beastie Boys cover of GRATITUDE is insane, purely because covering the Beasties is no easy task for anyone. Her reverse styling of this classic Beasties track is off the hook and anyone with good taste will know what we mean.

Her latest single MIDRIFFS is also amazing, it hits a very perfect dreamy note where some with lesser talent have tried and failed. Check out the video below, SUI ZHEN has attitude, a cool sense of humour and talent in spades. Now it’s just up to the rest of the world to catch up.

If you get a chance get out there and see SUI ZHEN live! We’ll try to hassle her to come and play a show.

O shit she lives in Melbourne? we’ll send her an email STAT!


PS: This Guy’s In Love With You – Burt Bacharach / The Reels cover is just a sweet bonus!




Artist: DARAH
City: Shapparton, Vic
Style: Australian Aboriginal Hip Hop
Members: DARAH

We’ll be honest and say that we don’t follow very much Australian Hop Hop, but over the long weekend a close friend played us a song called ‘STRAIGHT OUTTA SHEPPARTON’ by an Australian Aboriginal Hip Hop crew SOUTH SIDE KINGS from Victoria who also flow under the guise, DARAH MUSIC. At first you could probably miss the point, but if you actually look closer (which we did) we discovered that there is a flourishing hip hop community from down South who preach – standing up for aboriginal rights, depression, anti-racism and the wider cause which is, to be an aboriginal in the 21st century.

We are surprised at this discovery because to us JARAH (the artist and the posse) are making real hip hop music. Try lining up DARAH next to an artist like 360, yeah he may be platinum and all, but that’s where 360 ends and DARAH begins.

The beats and samples are world class, it’s testament to ideas and dreams of a revolution that in time will outlive the rest, especially if DARAH gets given the chance to be exposed to a wider audience.

Like we said we don’t usually follow Aussie Hip Hop, but to hear the word play from this artist, we feel very positive that HIP HOP in this Country might be on its way to finding a true voice, standing up for something totally opposite to the mostly radio friendly hip hop that primarily flows out of the airwaves at National Youth Broadcaster, Triple J.

If you are all about the good times and strictly party hip hop this probably won’t be your bag, but if you want to hear deep lyricism which might actually give you a true uncomfortable insight into real issues facing young aboriginal’s and young people in general, then DARAH is a good place to start.

Some food for thought as we  come away from the long weekend that was Australia Day, a celebration which was packed to the rafters with Aussie culture minus any reminder of the struggles that the Aborigine people (the original Australian’s) still face today.

Enjoy the message and the music – DARAH, our artist of the week.




City: Brisbane, QLD
Style: Punk
Members: Danny Beus, BC

Brisbane two piece DUNE RATS pretty much do what they like and say what they like and are pretty much at the forefront of an exciting breed of music which needs to be recognised in this Country right now!

DUNE RATS are defiantly punk because they don’t really give a shit about authority, they just want to enjoy music and life for what it should be, FUN!

DUNE RATS have been blessed with high rotation tracks on triple j and they are also looking at their second trip to the US in the space of around three months to play SXSW and then they’ll be visiting some other crazy destinations ie; Africa, Asia, Turkey? The world is surely on its way to discovering DUNE RATS!

Check out their brand new video RED LIGHT GREEN LIGHT below. It’s safe to say that ‘the Dunies’ are having way more fun than any other band in Australia aright now. So why don’t we all light up a joint and get to it Australia? What are we waiting for?

If the Australian music industry was anything like DUNE RATS the Australian music industry would be a way more fun place. We all need to stop taking ourselves so seriously and actually start having some fun.





City: Gold Coast, QLD
Style: Punk / Lo fi
Members: Alex Wall

WAX WITCHES is side project for Australian punk prodigy Alex Wall of BLEEDING KNEES CLUB. There is alot said around town about Alex and what he gets up to around here, everyone has an opinion in Australia when anyone makes waves musically. I remember some girl tellin us that she told Andrew Stockdale from Wolfmother to fuck off once. O well shit happens. It seems like we don’t really know how to love our heroes like they do in America!

Remembering a time when we had this preconceived expectation that this dude was gonna be some kind of asshole, but then when you meet him he was carrying a neat camera and he was actually really a sweet dude. Then we checked out his BLOG and it was like wow!

Lesson? Hmmm… Life’s too short Australia, lets just all try to get along. The kid has talent and we here at MSR HQ just dig it.

Recording in his down time with BKC gave birth to WAX WITCHES and the style of these songs is pure punk energy. They may even have a harder edge than his other band, maybe playing all the instruments gives it a more definite energy? ie; Prince and Mr Parker (Tame Impala) come to mind. Well an album is now mastered and ready to go, man Alex is hell organised, super productive and onto it.

Releasing their debut album CELEBRITY BEATINGS Feb 8. Get to it and lose your punk nut to WAX WITCHES!

Touring Feb with THEE OH SEES. Keep rockin ALEX/WAX WITCHES!