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The Australian federal election happens this week and truth be told, alot of young people seem to be very disengaged from the debate. To be honest it’s pretty disappointing, but what more can a poor boy do?

So just to help you out we’ve decided to put forward a few tips that might be of interest to you before you hit up the voting booths after you wake up from your hangover. We’ve made it so easy for you, all you need to do is press play and VOTE 1 THE STROKES!

Jokes aside, in all honesty please don’t take your vote for granted. Whether you are voting Labor and The Greens, whatever you do… Put The Liberals last.




art by LALOTOA

We’ve known artist / skater BRETT CHAN for a few years now and from the first time we saw one of his canvass’s hanging in a shared office between Monster Children and kiwi label Huffer (when they were on Crown st), straight away we got curious about this guy.

We eventually became friends and in that time we’ve witnessed his art make positive impacts on people everywhere. His tribally futurefied imagery have always made bold statements of symmetry on walls and where ever they are seen and to the viewer the memory of the time and the place remains etched in your mind forever from simply passing by an electricity box, a cafe wall or just a random rock.

There’s something about Chan’s work which cannot be unseen once seen and it taps into an inner tribal truth that exists in all of us. His work slows down time and speaks of what’s ahead while taking in lines of history and present tense to create a bold world, a juxtaposition where believing in something is not the real point of existing, but where existing is the true point of believing.

Brett Chan is a story teller of our times and we think the world is yet to see the true significance of Chan’s true ability to construct his narrative about the human race and our place in this world. Although his works seems to be from another galaxy, it’s power needs to be harnessed to its fullest effect within this life time. Chan’s art is way too important to be passed off as just street art by another skater artist.

Brett Chan is speaking to us from a pre existing future where he is sending us all bold telepathic statements whispering that it’s not too late to turn this all around and get back to who we once were.

As far as New Zealand / Australian artists are concerned in our humble opinion Brett Chan’s work exists on its own hyper level that can’t be touched. So if you want own art by an artist who represents the soul context of our times then get collecting now before Chan’s work moves to the next realm.

All art and words by our talented friend, futurist and artist Brett Chan

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Reach Brett Chan online HERE
China Heights Gallery HERE
Art show Catalogue available HERE
Read MSR interview with Brett Chan HERE

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art by LALOTOA

To say goodbye to the Summer (while knowing pretty well that somewhere in the world the sun is always shining) Samoa’s Number 1 Punk band SAMOAN PUNKS have dropped a live album LIVE! FROM YOUR EX BOYFRIENDS FACE. It’s perfect for vacuuming, cooking, forklift driving, shadow boxing, driving in general, crying and sleeping.

Featuring the hits COOL, EVERYDAY and SUX it will definitely go down well at your ex’s funeral. Have a fun weekend!

We have it right here exclusively for you to buy before you try LOL! JUST CLICK HERE!

Share it with your friends. Have a great weekend! X


art by LALOTOA

Sydney is awash with artists striving to make their music heard amongst a dustbowl of laws which have done their best to shut down the live music eco system in the state of NSW. While a few venues have kept their doors open in support of live music, the city of Sydney is unfortunately operating with one lung when it comes to local music support and you just have to visit Melbourne to know that we got burnt good.

But if you look hard enough below all the hum of same same artists there are still uniquely gifted ones amongst us. In between our busy life schedules and our complete disloyalty to blogging every now and then we get back to our original construct, which is to keep a keen eye out for those who are bringing something unique and different to the conversation. Apologies, but our work experience kid / head blogger smokes way too much weed.

LA LUZ is the artist we are talking about and we have been following her progress from the get go and it has been worth its weight in gold. La Luz represents a tenderness and mainly ‘SOUL’. Soul is the driver of all good music, whether it be punk, hip hop, jazz, pop or trip hop and La Luz has it in spades!

Her sound proves that an unknown artist has the ability to rise above even when all odds are stacked against you. Talent really can come out on top when it is fostered, even if it’s only by a few. And unfortunately in Australia way too many decent artists still get lost amongst it all.

For us personally, independent music in this Country needs stronger filters where so called tastemakers need to stop just giving breaks just to their friends. Music in this city needs to be curated by people who actually have the ability to process what the true meaning of good music actually means. And although we pump out alot of music, Australia still needs way way more colour in the mix. There you go we said it!

‘All in White’ starts off as a dream and then starts grooving to a moving deep crescendo. And with all its simplicity it is more than enough to set the wheels in glorious motion. Where ever this journey takes you is from then on your choice. But if you follow the soulful breadcrumbs of this tune then you know that the only answer to the riddle is this, keep going!

So we recommend that we all follow La Luz and support her progress as a new artist. Her talent is of great soulful proportions and she is an artist who will benefit us all if we show her some love.

‘All in White’ is out now thru Surveillance Party and comes with two unreleased gems.


Buy ‘All in White’ from HERE

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art by LALOTOA

So guess who won $30,000 today? Melbourne’s killer singer songwriter Courtney Barnett (whom we also featured yesterday) took out the 11th Australian Music Prize for her debut album Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit.

Over the last year Courtney’s schedule included criss crossing the world like a real pirate, but on a plane. One night opening for the likes of Blur at Madison Square Garden, then playing some of the worlds biggest Festivals such as Glastonbury, Falls, All Tomorrows Parties, Pemberton. And then finding time to appear on Ellen, yes Ellen! She even played a few house parties and Melbourne’s very own The Old Bar. This year she’s still yet to play Japan’s Fuji festival and even Coachella. Busy right? Good times!

Courtney was awarded her $30,000 cheque by none other than Henry Rollins! beating out other talented contenders like Tame Impala, Dick Diver, Royal Headache etc…

To celebrate her win here are 5 sweet live performances by Courtney and her cool band.

Nice way to round out this weeks International Women’s Day celebrations.

Congratulations! and more power to ya Ms Courtney Barnett! X

Covering Kanye West’s BLACK SKINHEAD live on Triple J

DEAD FOX on Conan O’brien

DEPRESTON live on Ellen

AVANT GARDNER live at Terminal 5 NYC

Covering The Breeders CANNONBALL at The AV Club




art by LALOTOA

Today is INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY. And to celebrate we’ve decided to highlight some our favourite women in music. We want to introduce you to some legends, some well known artists you may have forgotten and some new ones.

Though they all make different styles of music, if there’s one thing that connects them, it would probably come down to their originality, style and their one off DNA. There are no other woman like any of them in music and that’s why we think you all need to seek them out. Continue reading “RIOT OF THE DAY /// TODAY IS INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY”



illustration by LALOTOA

Today is Super Tuesday in the USA. American politics has gone into turbo overdrive. Thanks to the shrinking of the planet via the internet, it is now affecting us all. What ever happens in the US of A psychologically makes us all either happy or depressed. Bush made us depressed, Obama made most of us feel optimistic and now we are set for another kind of leadership.

You have Ted Cruz and Mark Rubio on the far right and the crazy Donald ‘Drumpf’ Trump all vying to be the Republican nominee. And on the left you have Hillary Clinton whom you all know, and the not so over night underground sensation Bernie Sanders. They are both representing the Democrats. The players in this current election scream a certain chaos and the outcome of these primary’s are of great interest to all. Continue reading “RIOT OF THE DAY/// BERNIE SANDERS”



illustration by LALOTOA

Music has a bigger purpose in all of our lives and although we are currently wandering ‘lost’ through a Scandinavian forest called Spotify – unlike the film industry, the music industry’s efforts to fight for the rights of musicians has kinda stalled, so right now everyone is living on $2.70 royalties per year. Haha! Well unless you are a successful touring artist with a name. Or you’re just famous and we all know alot of them folk are making bank. But so what? that’s life. The rest of us just need to keep scheming till we get to our own place that we will all be proud to call home, not jail, home. So keep scheming ie; working …hard, don’t sleep!

But here’s the thing, besides the copious amount of whatever comes with success, money is just a bi-product of fame, it doesn’t make someone more gifted or talented. You can still be poor but also be gifted, so keep your head up. Look many people live their lives in the 24 hour news cycle, we see it everyday and with it comes the price they pay and we all bare witness to the melt downs. They’re the show and unfortunately the internet is kinda evil and the human race can also be evil too.

True god gifted talent is a once in a life time showreel that can only be seen by feeling it. It’s beyond fame and it’s the one cornerstone of life that truly lives up to the invisible power of music – the feels. We’ve all been there we’ve all felt that moment when it happens.

So like today you’re randomly sitting at your desk trying to form a relationship with your salad when a voice enters your ears through your headphones and all of a sudden you are transported to a better place, you are transformed and what you believed in a minute ago ceases to be valid. You are now a new person and that is the power of music.

Kiwi artist LORDE owns! and her tribute to David Bowie at The Brit (Music) Awards tonight alongside Bowie’s very own talented musical muscle of a band proves that talent is gifted to those who are born under the gaze of the stars. Tonight was a once in a life time moment and we all felt it.

This version of David Bowie’s LIFE ON MARS is the true definition of what music’s purpose in life is all about.

This isn’t just another performance that should be debated by the droll opinions of the internet. It’s already been framed and sent off to the great moments of the modern times. And God knows how much we all need these moments more than ever right now. There is a mad man with a Toupee lurking around the building screaming something about Mexicans being rapists! This guy may end up being the Leader of the free world. Just have a good think about that.

We need real music in our lives right now and we need to start looking for it before we all die from a meaningless existence with zero feels.

The shop has closed and Lady Gaga’s Grammy tribute will unfortunately fall to that forgotten category of ‘that time you over cook an egg’. Lorde’s interpretation of Bowie came off as the difference between David and Goliath, USA Superbowl vs the New Zealand Haka or Transformers vs Lord of the Rings.

A tribute doesn’t need to be a form of overkill, the occasion should really be about letting the power of music and the force that was David Bowie flow through you. And on this night Lorde proved that there certainly is life on Mars and it’s fuckin right here on earth if we let it. And we think that’s how Bowie wanted it to be. Rest in Peace.

LORDE for Prez!

Press play then watch, then watch again, then watch again. Spine Chilling Feels! X

Video starts with a moving tribute by Annie Lennox and Gary Oldman followed by LORDE & Bowie’s band performance at 8.39min.



illustration by LALOTOA

Hi friends,

I spent the holidays feeling depressed about the Lock out Laws and the current state of NSW. Anyway I started humming this tune and I kinda ended up expressing my feelings the best way I know how, thru song (and Garageband).

I’m not gonna say too much about our current nightmare, because I know we’ve all been keeping up with all the articles. I just want people to know that what is happening to us is only an introduction to what is coming. We’re feeling the pinch with these abhorrent lock out laws, but then there’s the treatment of refugees, the poor, the old, gay and lesbians, the marginalised and even our indigenous people. Our freedoms are being challenged by our Government both State and National and things are only going to get worst, not better, worst! Continue reading “RIOT OF THE DAY /// PROTEST SONG BY RAY LALOTOA (FAIT ACCOMPLI)”



illustration by LALOTOA

One of our favourite voices on the Australian music landscape ECCA VANDAL is heading out on the road to celebrate the release of her debut ep END OF TIME and man that shiiit are sounding hectic! Five tracks of blistering reasons why we all need to raise our fists to the air and heavy dance alot more than we do these days. Pick it up! pick it up!

ECCA VANDAL probably has hands down the most tight as fuck live band in the land and we can’t wait to see them shake the foundations of our faces in the very near future.

So what you waiting for? Get yourself out there and support this masterful blessing to Australian music! X MSR

Tickets on sale now!


Party In The Paddock 2016 – Launceston, TAS, Australia Tickets


Jack Rabbit Slim’s – Perth, WA, Australia Tickets
The Foundry – Fortitude Valley, QLD, Australia Tickets
Rocket Bar – Adelaide, SA, Australia Tickets
Howler – Brunswick, VIC, Australia Tickets
The Small Ballroom – Newcastle, NSW, Australia Tickets
Newtown Social Club – Newtown, NSW, Australia Tickets