Poster: Our first Festival back in 2007












My Sydney Riot is an underground movement based out of Inner City Sydney, Australia. Our sole purpose is to get behind original / independent Music, Film and Art Culture from Sydney and all around. Our point of view is to support and celebrate all the vast underground / independent talent which goes unnoticed in this city and to keep people updated with music and art which they may not come across as often as they like to.
We also put on MY SYDNEY RIOT parties and events which have taken place since 2007 at various venues around Sydney and all around the Country in different incarnations / capacities. Sometimes with 3 stages, sometimes with 1. We do parties to music festivals, from small gigs to fundraiser to raise money and awareness for important causes.
Our ultimate goal is to keep fighting for the rights of independent artists to exist on an even playing field with artists who have industry support and record deals. With all the access we have to modern technology in the 21st century all we really need is to push more artists out there along with the love and support of the independent music community.
Thanks for reading.

For all enquiries email: mysydneyriot@gmail.com

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