10 /// BY FERN

We asked our feature artists FERN to send us 10 images which would tell us a story of what is inspiring their creatively right now…

1 fern1. One of the first shows we ever played. During the set our friend climbed onto the roof and took this photo.

2 fern2. Atlas Sound and Broadcast. A dream. 

3 fern3. A necessary evil.

4 fern4. Front row at Primal Scream a few nights ago.

5 fern4. Untitled.

6 fern
5. Waking up to records on the floor.

7 fern6. We try to make music like this…

8 fern7. …But mostly it feels like this.

9 fern9. if pictures could speak. 

10 fern10. Dream big.

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