Hello friends! How’s the summer treating you all? Where ever you are we just hope that you’re enjoying its many incarnations of heat, wind and cold (LOLs!) no matter what!

So start the year off with a Bang! we are going to get back into the blogging side of things. So you’ll be seeing alot more movement on the MSR website from us in 2018.

To kick things off we want to introduce you to a new band that we met over the holidays. They have a great sound and the dreamy soundscapes they create are nothing short of spectacular! We’re hoping their music will create some nice summer vibes for all you lovers out there. We can’t wait to get to know these cool cats over the next month and we hope you enjoy getting to know them too by sharing their sounds with your friends.

Keep checking in as we push the discovery button with our new friends. All the action will be happening at our pages!

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and here!

So please raise a toast to our very first…

Feature Artist /// February 2018 – FERN



FERN was born from a series of drunken jam sessions around 2015, when Scott and Lauren eventually asked a friend around to hit some drums. With a small but growing collection of music gear we recorded, produced and released our first track ‘It Comes Slow’… and were stoked with it’s reception. Scott and Lauren mainly co-write FERN‘s songs, which bring together elements of pop and noise. We’ve spent a lot of time in our practice space mucking around with different equipment and software to create some weird, obscure sounds. We’ve since released a couple more songs and have been playing with guitarist/engineer/wizard Dan and drummer Billy since last year.

Music store:


Music: noise pop

Hometown: Sydney

Band members: Scott Jackson, Lauren Williams, Dan Frizza, Billy O’Key

Featured song:

Story behind song: Just a song about growing older.

Recorded at: Home studio

Soundcloud link:

Free Download? Yes


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