What’s up Riotz! As you all know we love ECCA VANDAL, we fell in love with her early in the piece and we have been pretty hyped on her ongoing mission to keep it real within the confines of a safe Australian music industry in the most ECCA way possible.

So Yes! we managed to get our hands on her self titled debut album and ever since its release we have been lost in all of the colours. And boy if this is just the start of her journey, then we say ‘the sky is the limit’ for Melbourne’s great heroine of dynamic intense and soulful rock / electronic sounds. Congratulations ECCA VANDAL!

This album is a buzzing hummer of a record. And although the radio hits already exist ie; END OF TIME, BROKE DAYS PARTY NIGHTS and FUTURE HEROINE, its the hard hitting track PRICE OF LIVING that show her bands muscle. These guys are tight! Could even be the tightest musical unit in Oz for a long time since the early days of Regurgitator.

This record has many vibes, but it really starts to open up towards the end with the more guitar feely tracks sending us into a frenzy making songs like OUT ON THE INSIDE and closer BAD HABIT the real winners for us. But that’s just how we feel today, tomorrow is another day and songs like YOUR ORBIT and COLD OF THE WORLD create the electronic vibez for all to appreciate. Damn!

Look! the record is kinda faultless. It’s got everything you need and more and all we want is another record ASAP. Stat!

Ecca Vandal is musically fearless, her album proves that she stands on a very solid musical foundation and we look forward to what comes next.

While writing our review we turned on the web and realised that she has hit ALBUM OF THE WEEK status at Triple J and that is something worth celebrating! The more people get to hear Ecca’s songs the better the shape of the local musical landscape will be.

So if Ecca Vandal is still new to you then we suggest you get out to a show and get down to her sounds. Pretty sure there’s only a few gigs left on her current album tour, but there is no doubt she’ll be back at it over the summer. But if you can’t get to a gig, buy her music HERE and HERE.

Enjoy this week on the air waves and tune in to the ECCA VANDAL sound!



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