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We’ve known artist / skater BRETT CHAN for a few years now and from the first time we saw one of his canvass’s hanging in a shared office between Monster Children and kiwi label Huffer (when they were on Crown st), straight away we got curious about this guy.

We eventually became friends and in that time we’ve witnessed his art make positive impacts on people everywhere. His tribally futurefied imagery have always made bold statements of symmetry on walls and where ever they are seen and to the viewer the memory of the time and the place remains etched in your mind forever from simply passing by an electricity box, a cafe wall or just a random rock.

There’s something about Chan’s work which cannot be unseen once seen and it taps into an inner tribal truth that exists in all of us. His work slows down time and speaks of what’s ahead while taking in lines of history and present tense to create a bold world, a juxtaposition where believing in something is not the real point of existing, but where existing is the true point of believing.

Brett Chan is a story teller of our times and we think the world is yet to see the true significance of Chan’s true ability to construct his narrative about the human race and our place in this world. Although his works seems to be from another galaxy, it’s power needs to be harnessed to its fullest effect within this life time. Chan’s art is way too important to be passed off as just street art by another skater artist.

Brett Chan is speaking to us from a pre existing future where he is sending us all bold telepathic statements whispering that it’s not too late to turn this all around and get back to who we once were.

As far as New Zealand / Australian artists are concerned in our humble opinion Brett Chan’s work exists on its own hyper level that can’t be touched. So if you want own art by an artist who represents the soul context of our times then get collecting now before Chan’s work moves to the next realm.

All art and words by our talented friend, futurist and artist Brett Chan

#complexsimplicity #brettchan #chinaheights

Reach Brett Chan online HERE
China Heights Gallery HERE
Art show Catalogue available HERE
Read MSR interview with Brett Chan HERE

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