art by LALOTOA

Sydney is awash with artists striving to make their music heard amongst a dustbowl of laws which have done their best to shut down the live music eco system in the state of NSW. While a few venues have kept their doors open in support of live music, the city of Sydney is unfortunately operating with one lung when it comes to local music support and you just have to visit Melbourne to know that we got burnt good.

But if you look hard enough below all the hum of same same artists there are still uniquely gifted ones amongst us. In between our busy life schedules and our complete disloyalty to blogging every now and then we get back to our original construct, which is to keep a keen eye out for those who are bringing something unique and different to the conversation. Apologies, but our work experience kid / head blogger smokes way too much weed.

LA LUZ is the artist we are talking about and we have been following her progress from the get go and it has been worth its weight in gold. La Luz represents a tenderness and mainly ‘SOUL’. Soul is the driver of all good music, whether it be punk, hip hop, jazz, pop or trip hop and La Luz has it in spades!

Her sound proves that an unknown artist has the ability to rise above even when all odds are stacked against you. Talent really can come out on top when it is fostered, even if it’s only by a few. And unfortunately in Australia way too many decent artists still get lost amongst it all.

For us personally, independent music in this Country needs stronger filters where so called tastemakers need to stop just giving breaks just to their friends. Music in this city needs to be curated by people who actually have the ability to process what the true meaning of good music actually means. And although we pump out alot of music, Australia still needs way way more colour in the mix. There you go we said it!

‘All in White’ starts off as a dream and then starts grooving to a moving deep crescendo. And with all its simplicity it is more than enough to set the wheels in glorious motion. Where ever this journey takes you is from then on your choice. But if you follow the soulful breadcrumbs of this tune then you know that the only answer to the riddle is this, keep going!

So we recommend that we all follow La Luz and support her progress as a new artist. Her talent is of great soulful proportions and she is an artist who will benefit us all if we show her some love.

‘All in White’ is out now thru Surveillance Party and comes with two unreleased gems.


Buy ‘All in White’ from HERE

Follow La Luz Facebook

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