illustration by LALOTOA

Music has a bigger purpose in all of our lives and although we are currently wandering ‘lost’ through a Scandinavian forest called Spotify – unlike the film industry, the music industry’s efforts to fight for the rights of musicians has kinda stalled, so right now everyone is living on $2.70 royalties per year. Haha! Well unless you are a successful touring artist with a name. Or you’re just famous and we all know alot of them folk are making bank. But so what? that’s life. The rest of us just need to keep scheming till we get to our own place that we will all be proud to call home, not jail, home. So keep scheming ie; working …hard, don’t sleep!

But here’s the thing, besides the copious amount of whatever comes with success, money is just a bi-product of fame, it doesn’t make someone more gifted or talented. You can still be poor but also be gifted, so keep your head up. Look many people live their lives in the 24 hour news cycle, we see it everyday and with it comes the price they pay and we all bare witness to the melt downs. They’re the show and unfortunately the internet is kinda evil and the human race can also be evil too.

True god gifted talent is a once in a life time showreel that can only be seen by feeling it. It’s beyond fame and it’s the one cornerstone of life that truly lives up to the invisible power of music – the feels. We’ve all been there we’ve all felt that moment when it happens.

So like today you’re randomly sitting at your desk trying to form a relationship with your salad when a voice enters your ears through your headphones and all of a sudden you are transported to a better place, you are transformed and what you believed in a minute ago ceases to be valid. You are now a new person and that is the power of music.

Kiwi artist LORDE owns! and her tribute to David Bowie at The Brit (Music) Awards tonight alongside Bowie’s very own talented musical muscle of a band proves that talent is gifted to those who are born under the gaze of the stars. Tonight was a once in a life time moment and we all felt it.

This version of David Bowie’s LIFE ON MARS is the true definition of what music’s purpose in life is all about.

This isn’t just another performance that should be debated by the droll opinions of the internet. It’s already been framed and sent off to the great moments of the modern times. And God knows how much we all need these moments more than ever right now. There is a mad man with a Toupee lurking around the building screaming something about Mexicans being rapists! This guy may end up being the Leader of the free world. Just have a good think about that.

We need real music in our lives right now and we need to start looking for it before we all die from a meaningless existence with zero feels.

The shop has closed and Lady Gaga’s Grammy tribute will unfortunately fall to that forgotten category of ‘that time you over cook an egg’. Lorde’s interpretation of Bowie came off as the difference between David and Goliath, USA Superbowl vs the New Zealand Haka or Transformers vs Lord of the Rings.

A tribute doesn’t need to be a form of overkill, the occasion should really be about letting the power of music and the force that was David Bowie flow through you. And on this night Lorde proved that there certainly is life on Mars and it’s fuckin right here on earth if we let it. And we think that’s how Bowie wanted it to be. Rest in Peace.

LORDE for Prez!

Press play then watch, then watch again, then watch again. Spine Chilling Feels! X

Video starts with a moving tribute by Annie Lennox and Gary Oldman followed by LORDE & Bowie’s band performance at 8.39min.

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