Not really sure what to say? but man that was probably a record for a tour in Australia for a local band selling out a tour. And a local band who hasn’t been around for close to 6 years? In the space of hours COG sold out all three and then the extra four dates of their tour. Holy shit yo! 7 shows sold out. props due where they are due!

This strong surge of support for the boys says something about the state of where we are in both musically and as a Country. Underneath all the noise and all the posing people who love real music are out there. Look maybe bands in this Country might have to wake up to their responsibility as artists to speak more about the times that we are in. Maybe people do want to hear music about revolution.

So yeah all you who were unlucky enough to miss out, we guess you best keep your eyes peeled on event pages and gumtree, because who knows what can happen between now and July?

Congratulations Cog! and congratulations East Coast of Australia! You all did yourselves proud!

Check out Naming The Elephant and let it all sink in… X

cog sold out

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