If you’re into the deeper realms of street art then the name BRETT CHAN will be no stranger to you. If you don’t know then google his name and check out the vibrations he has spread around all over the world. It’s a unique direction which is not just his own true innovative style, but his art is also a conversation about Chan’s outlook on spirituality, life and the message which is to be one with one’s self.

To celebrate Mental Health Week we are so proud to premiere ENTRANCES & EXITS a film and album by one of our favourite Internationalist artists and unique spirits, Brett Chan.

Luckily for us Chan was kind enough to shed some light and wisdom about all things creativity, the mental and the power of mind power.

Read the interview out then check ENTRANCES & EXITS out, the two events which is the album and the film both have their place, so watch then listen and let it take you on a journey.

And yeah it’s probably going to trip you the fuck out, but then use that to inspire yourself because that’s what true art is all about, to fill up our senses and to inspire us to go out into the world and create!

Congrats Chan! so proud! You killed it!

Peace X MSR

Congratulations on the release of your brand new film & album ENTRANCES & EXITS. Can you give us an insight into how it came about?
since watching mj release thriller as a kid i was always fascinated by the communicative realm of music and film. it’s a very immediate and easily digestible medium. now that there is so much focus on visual art, like the paintings/murals i or my friends create, i thought this would be a great extension of that ethos…its now a moving and sonic painting. it’s all vibrations anyway man!

Being a man of many journeys through art and space have you experienced any kind of depression? or do you know of any other friends who have gone through it?
ha ha im definitely camp councillor to so many homies and its a role i have often played throughout my life.
life is fucking hard man, like real life if you live it and participate in it and have original thoughts, man it’s so hard. but then you just drink some concrete and its all good. i mean, its tough but to survive it makes you so much stronger that you can come back around to being soft again. that’s when you find empathy and love for your fellow-man. we are all ultimately having the same experience through our different portals and vessels. so we are all in the same boat. the role of a true artist is to shine that beacon so people can navigate the rocks!

Your art is known world-wide to have positive healing qualities, when did you discover that your practice had this power to affect people in a positive way?
because i consciously inject that notion into every facet of my being. art wise, geometry is visual mathematics. and mathematics is the language of the universe. if you watch ENTRANCES & EXITS or listen to it its galactic information bathed in a sonic resonance. i couldn’t be more plainer about it unless i did stand up comedy like bill hicks.

Do you think governments together with artists have roll to play?
i don’t believe in governments. i believe in the people.

What do you have to say to anyone suffering from Mental Illness?
i feel for you. your mind-body-soul is the holy triumphant. find things you like and focus on that. i used to be rubbished by people for skating. girls thought it was whack. fast forward 10 years and its the hottest ticket in town. its ok to be different and fucked up and weird. look at mj. he was a master.  he was ultimately crucified unjustly. they tried to shut him down. john lennon too. you know they wouldn’t play ‘heal the world’ or ‘imagine’ right after 9-11. whoever it is you identify with, that lived on earth. emulate that.

What’s next for the Brett Chan journey?
keep on rocking til there is a free world

Any films or books turning you on right now?

Burial or Cremation…
cremated for sure. i’m not even phased by death. its inevitable. i’m amped on it in fact. it’s a linear time marker. on earth i did this.

Famous Last Words…
i am the strength of a thousand suns
the silent Shepard of undying love
i am the wrath of the woken child
oscillating atoms within this rampaging realm.

What do you think needs to be done in the creative community to support people with mental illness?
i think the creative community has mental illness. ha ha. jokes. i do feel that as the world accelerates and we become so information, technology and media obsessed, we stray from that which roots us into the foundations of life. our inner voice. but distractions have been designed to do just that, so i would just encourage people to re imagine how they perceive their mental state and turn their differences with what the so-called norm dictates, into assets and value that point of difference. its better to be different. it may turn out to be advantageous.




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