There are those who know Ozzy Wrong personally and those who have high-fived him in a Goons of Doom mosh pit of mayhem. There are those who have shrieked below him in the surf as he literally flies across the sky casually ripping a backside air reverse on his Surfboard and then there are those who have seen him driving his car while casually strumming his ukulele. There are many manifestations of Ozzy Wrong out there in the world, but one things for sure, you will probably never meet another Ozzy Wrong in this lifetime.

It’s freaky enough knowing that this ball of life energy is one of the most creative surfers of his generation, but then on top of that he is a killer visual artist, a rock n’ roller, skates like a demon and is a fuckin good human being to boot. Ozzy Wrong is just a whole lotta legitness!

Last week we headed out to Mild Manners Gallery in Surry Hills to check out Ozzy’s amazing / colourful art show DO YOGA THROW BRICKS AT COPS. A few days after our huge hangovers, we caught up with Oz and he freestyled his way through our questions like a boss and still it was something special. This interview will make your day, after you read this then go check out his art show (it’s hangin till this Saturday 30 May!!!!) it will definitely put a big smile on your face.

Big thanks again to Ozzy. Keep Rockin! Details about the exhibition below. Enjoy!

You’re known to your family as Oscar Wright. Where did the name OZZY WRONG come from?    
i think its from some hate mail i got back in the nineties a company ceo from california was trying to cut me down in the surf media and he called me Ozzy Wrong and i thought it had a great ring to it so i ran with it, i started to sign my work Ozzy Wrong ,,, sometimes the haters are doing you favours and they hate it when they realise that.

Did you come from a musical or artistic family?    
Well definitely artistic ,,, not that musical although my dad did play bush bass in a bush band called The Boston Blacks Bonze Boys and they used to play parties at the Old Yellow House Gallery in the Cross ,,, they were awesome i have tapes!!!

What was your childhood like?      
Pretty stoked on my childhood ,,, lots of camping, we lived in a big army tent for about six months in the bush at Ingleside on some land while dad built us a ramshackle house which was just one big room with a big sandstone fireplace and a bunch of windows and doors he collected from the tip and just fit them all together it looked so cool.

When and where were you when you realised man I wanna be creative for a living?
i don’t know? i always loved drawing a lot and it was pretty much all i wanted to do besides surf.

Who did you look up to as a kid?
my mum and dad and aunts uncles cousins and then surfers and artists. all of them.

First Live gig you attended?
i think it might have been Henry Rollins at Kangaroo Rock in Manly.

The last gig you attended?
Mylee and the Milkshakes and The Ruminaters.

Your band GOONS OF DOOM have played many shows all around the world, which show stand out for you the most?
a big one in france on the beach once , i think it was our biggest crowd, it was awesome as the sun was setting.

Are there any plans for a new Goons recording?
yeah we might try and do some recording this year.

Who are your personal influences in life?
i just like so many artists and surfers and musicians too many to name,,, but my main influence is my lady Mylee cause we are always together and that influences you. She is awesome.

Any cool rock n’ roll stories?
i mean our own band has had so many amazing experiences around the world just having a blast with your best mates it’s a dream and a nightmare at the same time.

Name the band or artist that made you want to start a band?
The Mouldy Peaches.

Any favourite bands right now?
Dead Moon,,, i listened to Peter Bibby the other day he is awesome.

What song are you loving right now?
Peter Bibby has some wicked songs great lyrics.

Your killer art show DO YOGA THROW BRICKS AT COPS is happening right now at Mild Manners in Surry Hills, what was the ethos behind your show?
i just did a bunch of stuff and hung it on the wall,,,, i guess the moral of all my work is “stick it to the man”

What is the process for you as an artist? Do you have any funny rituals before getting into the art making process?
i find it hard to start working but then when i’m on a roll i find it hard to stop…

Artists you look up to? alive and or dead?  
Basquiat, Van Gogh, so many good young artists now who you see on instagram its awesome,,, i like the whole skater art thing too Ed Templeton, Chris Johansson, all those guys rule.

You have mastered many creative fields. What advice do you have for anyone out there who might want to get into music, surfing, art or many fields all at the same time?
go go go you have to work very hard but you also have to make sure you are enjoying it, keep the fun alive otherwise it ain’t worth it.

So what’s the next adventure for Ozzy Wrong?
Just continue being a Dad and doing my best to be a nice human who pulls his weight and doesn’t mess up his life, i see a lot train wreckage so i try and be conscious about trying to stay balanced, haha!

Are you a movie buff or a book head?
movies but i read to my kids every day, every day for seven years now reading aloud at night, i really enjoy it.

What does happiness mean to you?
Just this morning i drove to Whale Beach at 5.30 am and paddled out to The Wedge and surfed alone as the sun came up and was just getting tubed and dolphins were out there and there was no wind. Those moments are amazing and we are so lucky to live in Australia. I’m stoked.

Burial or Cremation?
cremation i want my ashes thrown into a barreling wave at either South Narrabeen or Uluwatu depending on where i die.

Famous last words?
peace is my drug

Level 1, 499 Crown St
Surry Hills (above Title Store)
(Final Day Saturday 29 May)
Check out the rest of the catalogue HERE‘‘‘‘

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