We were all over THE RUMINATERS way back in the day and they have held a torch to our hearts for a few years now. Any band that consistently puts out pure blissful punky pop tunes deserve to have their own Universe and The Ruminaters have planets aligning in spades. It really is bizarre that these guys haven’t blown up yet. But hey don’t speak too early Joe, maybe their time to take flight is right about now? Who knows with the Australian music Gods these days? I mean who actually runs the music industry? The Wizard of OZ?

Their latest single GREMLINS IN BLACK totally captures what it would be like to go out on a date with one of these fine lads. It’s all sweet out the front then later comes the big bad party punch, but on this track the boys give that shit a twist and never go on to their usual raid of the party fridge, instead they keep it in a zone that helps create some sweet colour and nice feelings (like seriously nice feelings above and below the waist). Maybe this will be enough to sweeten the warm music loving ear lobes over at the J’s and finally these guys will be given the kick they need to kill the 2016 Summer festival season fo real!

Lets be honest, more people need to know about The Ruminaters! so do yourself a favour and tweet this shit! How do we invent a machine that turns robot consumers into consumers of the good shit? Can you imagine that? Nah Fuck all the nice shirt wearing people who consume everything! Haha! just joking! You people are rad! just take this pill. Taste nice doesn’t it? there there.

If this song was a joint it would be called Juan No. 1.


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