Courtney Luzmila aka LA LUZ is one humble, talented humanbeing. We first met this shy lady when she was drumming for power house indie trio Captain Cook back in 2014. She recently stepped out on her own with her soulful solo project and so far she has been blowing minds when ever she plays. Get down early to catch her at LA FEMME. She does an INXS and Jeff Buckley cover that blows minds. Here’s a things she had to say. X

Any female artists out there who made a big impact on you as an artist? If so who? and why?
Shura UK artist – Her music is so melodic, real, love her sense of pop, dance beat making and her film clips are divine to watch.

Kerry Leatham UK – Wonderful folk pop artist, reminds me of myself a little shy but she has such a gracious voice, cute face and plays guitar beautifully.

What does it mean to you personally to be a female artist in 2015?
Not too much really, haha I just love playing music. I have been playing instruments since I was 9 and I don’t really think being a woman should change how the music is perceived. I’m all about the music and everyone just taking it as they please. I’m fortunate enough to have the opportunity to play music and study music. I’m keen to see what lies ahead for young girls experimenting with machines, instruments and their voices.

What music are you listening to right now?
A lot of Sublime actually, getting back into all of that ska, punk vibe. Also really digging Shura’ new stuff as well as French artist Dream Koala who just is mesmerising to me in every way.

Is there a female artist that you look at and say to yourself “she’s doing it right!”
It always comes back to Shura for me at this point in time. She is so humble, she isn’t going to release her album until it is perfect. She has her following, she writing gigging and recording and that is what independent music is all about. She went from doing a film clip for ‘Touch’ and only having about 6 songs live and she has now played SXSW and all over Europe taking her time to refine her sound is key definitely.

!What are you (or your band) working on right now?
Just really focusing on getting a sound together that I like. trying to get my song writing better, gigging quite a bit. Gonna be a dope album later this year (Can’t say anymore on that) Everything is looking good so far. Off to South America, might get some inspiration for music there.

If you were the boss of the music industry what would you do to make things better for musicians in this country?
I think with any art whether it be music, acting, painting etc Actually going out to as many small scale shows with small bands or artists just starting up and really jump on helping to push smaller bands/artists forward. Putting on more all ages events for up and coming bands and even bigger bands, too many shows are 18+ and are missing a huge amount of the younger culture who are really digging the music and can’t ever see a show until 5 years later. All they get to do is watch it on youtube n that is s###

**/// LAFEMME ///**

La Luz Music /// 8.45PM – 9.15PM

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