dark hawks

Angie Anderson is one of those special human being’s that you will probably only meet once in a life time. We’ve banged on for a couple of years now about the power of her voice, hiding in our town is this major unknown talent. Only recently returning from a successful stint in LA, her band THE DARK HAWKS are a driving force who create a mighty canvas for her voice to dance upon. Ever the play it down low key kinda girl, it’s always those who show the most humility that actually reflect the most light when it comes to the power of music and whether she likes it or not, Angie is the blazing obvious torch barer for Women in Rock n’ Roll in Australia. Lets just hope that this Country catches on within this life time. We live and we hope. Here’s us trying to drag some words out of Angie. Haha! CLASSIC! Catch The Dark Hawks when they headline LA FEMME!

Any female artists out there who made a big impact on you as an artist? If so who? and why?
When I first started singing and playing guitar 10 years ago, I loved Janis Joplin. -still do- She’s pretty amazing that woman! Loved the way she sang, all raspy and bluesy.

What does it mean to you personally to be a female artist in 2015?
To me my gender in regards to being an artist is irrelevant. I do this music thing cause I love to do it. That’s all. But in saying so, some girls do see me as a chick in a band -who’s a bit of a wild thing! Ha! The biggest complement to me, is when these girls have told me I inspire them. That’s very cool for me. Like the ultimate kinda flattery, as humbling as it is. They tell me they’d love to be able to do that, I of course encourage them to JUST DO IT!! So if being a chick in a band can mean something to toer girls, to inspire them, well then that definitely means something to me. ,

What music are you listening to right now?
My musical moods are kinda real sporadic.. Yesterday I was listening to Irish folk music! The day before, Arabic! Well one song I love called “Imuhar”, follwed by Robert Plant and Jimmy Pages’ “No Quarter” album, which is drenched in that same Eastern feel. Then….The White Stripes! Random.

Is there a female artist that you look at and say to yourself “she’s doing it right!”
I adore Florence. The “Ceremonials” album is a bit of a masterpiece in my opinion- and is the reason I am so sweet on her! I love the way she conjures up images and emotion of the ethereal essence through her music. When an artist can do that to me, they’ve pretty much got me hooked. Florence definitely does. She’s sure doing it right!

!What are you (or your band) working on right now?
Right now we’re in the process of finessing our next single, with producer David Skeet!!

If you were the boss of the music industry what would you do to make things better for musicians in this country?
Maaaaan-What ever Ray thinks! Haha! XX!

**/// LAFEMME ///**

The DARK HAWKS /// 11.45PM – CLOSE

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