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So today we continue our great residency at the old Captain Cook Hotel with the announcement of another great up and coming live band from Sydney – MOTH KING.

The first time we saw these guys was on a pretty chill night, all of a sudden our toes were tappin, five minutes later we were dancin and half an hour later we were all kissing girls on the dance floor. The music was that good, everyone just wanted to hug strangers and draw love hearts on people’s faces.

Unfortunately when the music stopped, one of the audience members started abusing the sound guy, a massive brawl broke out and three people were hospitalized. During the fight one of the band members girlfriends fell and hit her head on one of the foldbacks. Sadly she is still in a coma. It’s a very sad situation really. APRIL FOOLS DAY! BAHAHA!

Anyway so we bumped into the boys this morning on our way to AA and we asked them a few quick questions about all things Moth King.

See you at the Cook tonight w- very special guests SOCIETY OF 5 and the talented LA LUZ. Free entry Yo! X

What is the meaning behind the name Moth King?
Moth live pretty short fast lives and are attracted to the biggest brightest thing they can find. I think pop music has been a bit like a light through the last 60 years almost. We take influence from pop music since around the early 60’s. If moths had a king he’d know how to get the people dancing you know?  

How did you guys meet?
The Old Tailors Pub on Mary St. Far too many times.

Can you describe your musical style?
It’s a soul food gumbo. Psychedelic, dance flavours, 11 secret herbs and spices and limes upon limes. You can never have too much lime in your life. Lymlyf.
Where do you guys jam?
In the mines of Seaforth and the vast plains of Auburn.

Name your favourite Local bands
Jeremy: Not around anymore but Box of Fuck, shout out to John Hynd
Tom: Ruffle Feather
Andrew: Gay Rodeo

Which artist would you like to open for?
Earth Wind and Fire.

Favourite gig so far?
The Captain Cook on Mardi Gras. Ask Andrew about Mardi Gras. Do it.

What is your favourite live gig experience as an audience member?
Tom: Prince.
Andrew: the times I don’t remember
Jeremy: Violent Riots at Michael Buble

Name your musical influences?
Jeremy: Thieves Like Us, Tame Impala
Tom: Todd Terje, Earth Wind Fire, Prince
Andrew: Tower of Power, Ohio Players, Stevie Wonder

What message are you trying to convey within your music?

What are you currently working on?
An ep is on the way.

Any plans for touring?
Of course. Details will be confirmed in the next few months hopefully around the same time as we finish the ep.

If your band was given some decent money to spend on your next release what would you guys do?
Go to Jamaica. Become Rastas. Record an album.

What are your thoughts about Sydney as a music scene?
Lots of band and not enough venues. The lockout laws have really put Sydney on the back foot too.

What does the word ‘Community’ mean to you?
It’s like a fellowship. When halflings men and elf dwarf and a wizard all agree to give the little guy the burden of the fate of the world. A gathering of many for a common goal of defeating Sauron and reclaiming the lands of men for the third age.

Any fun gigs on the horizon?
Yea Bull and Bush on the 30th of April. Playing with 12 Point Buck, Gay Rodeo and Taking Berlin. (editor; that’s out in the West for all our West Sydney friends)

What is the best post show food?
Schnitzel, bourbon and cigarettes

If Moth King was a famous movie which one would you guys be?
Lord Of The Rings, Return of the King

Famous Last words?
Get a job



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