A few weeks ago we were driving our Tank down Main Street Sector 9.8 and while switching thru the endless FM matrix of Meh… then BAM! this song came raging out of the radio! it was crisp, it was tight, it was anarchy, brutal yet audible and complete. We quickly pulled over to hear the back announcement, but we got unlucky, no name, so no cherry unfortunately (pretty sure that song was BATTLE ROYAL). We were gonna call the radio station then life went on, but somehow that noise remained in our brains. Catch ya next time yo!

Fast forward to just the other day when another sample of that noise got our ears perking once again, but it was a different song altogether (WHITE FLAG). This time it was a social media post, all of a sudden this new artist was now on our radar. The world was just cruising along and then ECCA VANDAL happened!

We don’t know what’s in the water in good old Melbourne town? but by the look of things they are doing a way way better job at expressing and exposing some of the most talented musicians and artists than anyone in Australia right now and although it did feel like Sydney was starting to show some chop, Melbourne (who we hope to write about in a deeper context some other time) are fuckin straight killin it right now!

We’ve already stalked her/their facebook, instagrams and eyeballed all the individual members and so far what we can see is truly organised, like proper focused and tight. There’s two producers in there, the main one being KIDNOT who also takes up bass and samples duties, STACEY GRAY plays the guitar and drummer STAN BICKNELL is a demon who is sponsored to the eyeballs (probably one of the most talented drummers on the Australian music scene right now) and then you have ECCA VANDAL who is somewhat an engine room within herself, she captains this ship and pretty much brings the riot! She is the voice and by all accounts so far, this woman has a strong vision and she knows what she wants. We might be abit weak with our details so far, but all we know is that these cats are totally all over it and artists who have no focus should read and weep, because this is how shit gets done!

Just recently coming off an opening slot for THE PRODIGY after being in the public eye for a very short time (yep that’s after playing less than 6 shows?) ECCA VANDAL has been a project in the making over what seems like a two-year period. And below are two blistering videos which once again catch a gnarly glimpse into what we are referring to right now as ‘Genius child’. Like we said, this year is/or can be big year for Australian epic music makers and like in our last post we said that The Music Industry really needs to wake up to this shit right now! or else it’s gonna be another great era of  great music just blowing in the wind. Well with strong airplay on triple j and Channel V getting behind these guys it looks like things have already kicked in for EV. Jah Bless!

If you are after an intelligent and meaningful futuristic perspective on all things punk with a rock punch kick to the face then ECCA VANDAL is the benchmark in Australia right now. Anything less just seems so L plate school of rock against this music.

We raise our fists and we are yellin out “GET BEHIND THIS!” to all the true punks out there! We’re throwing down and giving ECCA VANDAL some BIG PROPS! and HELLA PRAISE!

If you’re questioning yourself and where the future punk music direction is heading then look no further, heavy tinged music right now in this Country is in some pretty safe hands.

Who started the fire? ECCA VANDAL did mutha fucker!



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