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Sorry but people in Australia need to wake the fuck up to SLUMBERHAZE!

We have some history with these guys and we’ve seen them bring some amazing music and art in their past incarnation when they were in a band called ONLY THE SEA SLUGS and their song MOONPARK won VIDEO OF THE YEAR at our LIAR AWARDS 2011. Yeah we were onto it way back then Yo! It ain’t a thang…

So flash forward to 2015 and here we are once again, Australia gets a second chance to view them as they are known now as SLUMBERHAZE and to be perfectly honest, we’re all already 5 years too late. But because these guys are a class act they’ve waited for us and Presto! they have released a beautiful piece of art which represents the full-scale yet only a gnarly glimpse into what this band is capable of. They are actually dangerous, so unfortunately maybe todays minds will lack the depth to truly understand them in this lifetime and that really sucks big balls!

But what we’re feeling is this, and we’re sayin it to you right now, Australia is in a true resurgence of genius music, this could be a wind that may never happen again for another twenty years if we fuck it up. We already have a pack of gifted artists we’re gonna start yapping and raving about shortly, so this is a truly exciting time for music in this Country. It’s a Revolution! Dreamtime! Bring it!

We’re talking about some pretty epic stories here and we asking the Australian music media to stop making people more stupid with the daily flow of click bait trash articles about Tay and Ye and Bey and to really start talking about real music right now!!!!! So lets all get off our tired excuse of ‘waiting for everyone to tell us when to jump and what to like’ and do something for yourself Australia! And yeah you the music industry of Australia! We have three words for you… DO YOUR JOB! Yeah I know you’re gonna laugh and say “WHAT EVERRRR!” from behind your computer and have a niggle to your mate with the funny hair cut, but seriously we’re sick and tired of seeing good music being ignored in this Country and the music industry is partly to blame.

So please people get out there and support this genius band! 

Enjoy this epic vision of a video because this is how epic shit gets done and we should all be proud that this is happening in our own backyard. We’re crying tears of joy out here.

Slumberhaze are here to destroy the music industry!

And we dare someone to step up and save the day.

Don’t believe the Haze.


Nothing But You is a stand alone song written by Slumberhaze for upcoming epic series VETUS. This is the official music video for Vetus and features the 2 main characters Rosa & Vlad.

VETUS is an original series which tells its story across a Web-Series, Graphic Novel and Console Game.

PS: SO the boys just got Rotation on Triple J. KAPOW!


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