Photography: Bree Wallace

Sydney’s VAPORIZED have been terrorising the Captain Cook Hotel stage throughout the month of March and giving people a good serving of noise punk deafness. Tonight the boys end their month-long residency with a bang! A stellar lineup has been put together and you must get down to The Cook to witness one of Sydney’s freshest bands rollin out from its seedy underground.

We hope to see ya at the show tonight and you must check out more shows with these guys. Look out for a future release or just follow the noise. Stay tuned.

VAPORIZED with special guests THE DAWSONS and HEY HORZE. Captain Cook Hotel. Doors from 8pm, free entry.

And so we were wandering the streets of Sector 9.0 today and we bumped into one of the members of Vaporized, in fact it was Mr frontman himself, Alan Gojak. So then and there we decided to play BETTER THAN BEYONCE WITH ALAN GOJAK!

Cholo X

Best Coffee /// Cappuccino no sugar

Best Pub /// At the moment The Captain Cook Hotel is treating us really well.

Best Live venue /// That’s a toss-up, I’ve seen some killer shows at Good God Small club, The Red Rattler, and of course The Oxford Arts factory. I generally dig the smaller and tighter indoor venues.

Best International band /// If I had to pick one, I think Queens of the Stone Age are hands down the best rock act in the world right now. They consistently push out killer albums, and each album has still managed to be diversely different from its predecessor. To me they are Kings of Rock in this age. Shout out to Death Grips doing their thing.

Best Local band /// You can’t really narrow this to one there are just so many. The Nuclear Family, Bearhug, Low Life, Straight Arrows, Zeahorse, Step Panther, Okay Cocaine, Claire & the Cops, The S-Bends, The Upskirts… That’s just naming a few

Best Skate spot /// I Don’t Skate hahaha! just cruising around though is pretty chill

Best guitar brand /// Fender All Day Everyday

Best sneakers /// My Adidas

Best movie /// The Room

Best video game /// NBA 2K

Best band you’ve opened for /// Haven’t Really opened for many cool bands. We’ve had sick bands open for us though, such as Hunch and The S-Bends. COOL BANDS HIT US UP SO WE CAN OPEN FOR YOU!

Best band you’ve seen live /// Fuck man, ICEAGE live at Goodgod with Low Life, Ausmuteants and Houswives. That’s was such a good time.

Best band that doesn’t exist anymore /// It’s a struggle just picking one. Probably Hendrix or Nirvana. Heck even Black Flag, and I don’t mean the shitty creation Greg Ginn calls Black Flag of today

Best hero /// Spider Man

Best villain /// The Joker

Best book /// You’ll have to ask my girlfriend. I don’t really read much. Got to get around to that, but I have currently started reading Kim Gordon’s new book “Girl in a Band” and so far so good.

Best visual artist /// I’ve always admired Raymond Pettibon, there’s something so striking in his work. Even what appear to be his simplest works have the boldest of statements attached to them. I could look at those old Black Flag posters for days.

Best smokes /// Smoking is bad MKAY

Best fruit shop /// The shop with fruit in it

Best cheap dinner /// MARY’S

Best island destination /// Any island off Croatia


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