If you were hanging around Captain Cook Hotel last year then you may have noticed a new band we’ve been championing, Captain Cook (the band). Anyway after we first met, they ended up playing a pretty amazing residency which lasted for 15 shows and everyone who came along had a blast witnessing them make magic every Wednesday night. Due to Christmas and the Summer Holidays Captain Cook’s residency had to sadly come to an end. But don’t worry you’ll be seeing more of those legends around soon.

So our little weekly residency is kicking off again this year with another one of our favourite Sydney bands on the scene TAKING BERLIN taking to the stage throughout January. We hope you can join them every Wednesday as we bring you some pretty special guests to boot. Your support will be much appreciated.

We caught up with their very positive vibe and enthusiastic frontman Bradley Christie and we had a few words before their debut RESIDENTS show tonight at The Cook, the venue.

See you there!


How’s the Summer? Did you go to any festivals? see any bands over the holiday? any highlights?
Summer was too fucking hot, but beers were aplenty. Shannon went to Field Day but festivals are expensive now hombre! Our drummer Dave was busy gigging a bunch with his other band The Denim Clad Satanists, Hamish was unreachable due to excessive partying and I spent a lot of time sleeping so I don’t need to this year. A lot of new songs on the way, should be rad.
Name five of your favourite local bands right now
The Grease Arrestor. Best psych act around. No discussion.
Captain Cook (the band). They were the last residence and they’ve left huge shoes to fill!
Chicks Who Love Guns. Great songs, great videoclips, great hair.
Doc Holliday Takes the Shotgun. New album is incredible, and seeing them live is an experience.
Smaal Cats… They are fucking wild.
With venues closing left right and centre in Sydney at the moment do you have any ideas about how things could improve in the scene?
Ugggh, yeah! Free entry and cheap drinks. If it’s not going to cost an arm and a leg to get loose there won’t be as much pre drinking so everyone will get down early to catch a support. Listen to a band they wouldn’t have. And if you can see three bands in three different venues without paying for entry you might actually move around, but you kind of commit to somewhere if it cost you $15 to get inside… I reckon we can get foot traffic happening again if it’s made affordable to go out. And then there will be more punters out and about so pubs can make money, then pay bands, then hand pick better bands forcing musicians to work harder and deserve a set… We’ll have a domino effect improving the scene in six months tops.
What are you guys up to at the moment? and what are your plans for 2015?
We’ve just got back together after 5 week break, so just learning each others new material and regrouping. We’ve got plans to record a bunch of new tracks in April with almost famed engineer RKB (who recorded our last EP The Lottery) in a beach house up the coast. So keep your eyes peeled…
Last song you listened to…
Kocka Mow Mow – The Dinks. Google it now!
Final Words

2010-2020 will be remembered as the decade Australia ruled the roost. Don’t pretend you were a part of it later, go see some FUCKING BANDS!!!


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