Before this weekends show we got in touch with Josh Bailey, front man of MY ZOMBIE RIOT headliners THE OWLS to give us a few words about their recent tour and to talk about all things Horror and their hometown of Newcastle. Hope you can make it down to see these guys, we honestly hands down believe THE OWLS could be the next Newcastle biggest thing since SILVERCHAIR.  Just sayin! You heard it here first!

Despite being a total gentleman and a cool cat rolled into one, here’s what Josh had to say…

How was the tour?
The tour has been interesting. 3 months of solid touring around Australia has had it shares of ups and down but overall very happy that we got through it. We met some really cool Muso’s and shared a lot of good times with friends old and new.

What’s been happening since the tour?
Just been chilling out, drinking, playing Nintendo….. The usual

How many shows did you do?
Above 30 dates from memory

Favourite place to visit?
There were a couple. Darwin was really fun and different. Launceston was crazy with the crowd and the drinking we did. As well as Brissy and Wollongong “Yours & Owls” festival.. Way too many.

Strangest gig of the tour?
I think The Blue Mountains. It was a cold night and the place we were playing at was covered in Fog from about 7pm onwards. The Hotel claims to be haunted and does Midnight Tours… It was a Real shit night. Anyway there were about 20 kids at the show and they went completely nuts. It was an intense night

Surprise of the tour?
Launceston. Real cool bands, real cool people at the venue and we smashed out a rad set.

What music have you been listening to lately?
We do mix tapes and the trips away. So a real “mix bag”. Andy Bull, Ryan Adams, White Stripes, Violent Soho, Oasis, a bit of 90’s Hip Hop. Just a real mix….

Why do you think Halloween is such a big deal in Australia?
Cause it is in America maybe…. Did you know it came from Ireland? Weird hey, think it was a Pagan festival or something…

Do you have any memories of Halloween as a kid?
Um, not really hey. I was never allowed to go out a knock on “Strangers” doors… I may have egged houses around the local area in my teens..

Name the scariest song that THE OWLS have on the set list and the meaning behind it…
Space Invaders I guess. It is about a thug who gets his own. The tune was loosely based someone who I know and weirdly enough they did get their own… weird…

Scariest movie?
Blair Witch Project scared the shit outta me as a kid…

Newcastle is known for some crazy stories, are there any myths, ghost stories or tales you could tell us about Newcastle?
I know that my house was haunted. We had to have an exorcism with a local priest. That was pretty heavy. I’m not one that really believes in life after death but I remember seeing shadows and things moving. My brothers were also in the same room when some weird shit went down so I know it wasn’t just me.

A band you look forward to seeing this weekend?
The Rumors and TV Children.

What’s next for THE OWLS?
World Domination… lol. Nar probably an Album and deeper in debt.. Think its gonna be big

Burial or cremation?
Either way, you are dead….. Shot by cannon.

Final words? All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy



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