#60FACES /// Black ink on paper works by Samoan Artist & Musician /// RAYMOND T LALOTOA


#60FACES is a snapshot of random thoughts and ideas that pass through the brain of Sydney dwelling Samoan Artist & Musician Raymond Tuifao Lalotoa. 

These works don’t follow a narrative, the exercise is purely about the instant nature of sharing art, making it easy to take home something as simple as an A2 piece of paper to then make its place in its new surroundings either in a frame or just pinned to a wall in the name of Art.

The 60 black ink to paper process expresses Ray’s wide range of styles, from clean lines to splattered edges. The experiment will hopefully give off the feeling that a brain can have many different conversations which in turn helps to make us all creative, complicated, mysterious, scary, funny yet simple creatures.

Ray is currently working on a new album with his band and also working on a new painting show which will see the light of day in the coming summer.

Lalotoa is the founder of Sydney’s underground music movement My Sydney Riot, creative community ARTIST UNION and front man of Sydney based band FAIT ACCOMPLI.

You’re invited to drinks with the artist on Saturday 6 September from 6pm until 9pm.

Solo Exhibition by Raymond Tuifao Lalotoa

374 Crown St, Surry Hills

Exhibition Opening:
Saturday 6 September, 2014
6pm until 9pm

Music by The Denim Clad Satanists

Sponsored by MY SYDNEY RIOT, Captain Cook Hotel, Coopers & ARTIST UNION.


Saturday 6 September 6pm noon – 9pm
Sunday 7 September 12pm noon – 7pm
Monday 8 September 12pm noon – 7pm
Tuesday 9 September noon – 7pm
Wednesday 10 September noon – 7pm
Thursday 11 September noon – 7pm
Friday 12 September noon – 7pm

All works with prices will be uploaded to Ray’s tumblr.

For all purchases enquiries email: weareartistunion@gmail.com

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/288425351345428/

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