You probably don’t know Angie Anderson right now, but if all goes to plan you sure as hell will know her in the not too distant future. We’re going to go out on a limb and say that we pretty much think Angie’s voice is one of those rare moments in Rock n’ Roll, it’s like when a pin drops and silences a room, well that is Angie to us. One of the strongest purest rock n’ roll voices we have come across in Sydney and even in Australia (and we have come across many many amazing voices). She’s the front woman and voice of Sydney’s very own THE DARK HAWKS, together this three-piece band are doing some great things with their music, touring relentlessly and trying to make as much noise off their own steam as they can and they seem to be winning. They blew our minds around a year ago and we look forward to what’s to come in 2014.

Anyway enough ranting from us, we caught up briefly with Angie, this is what she had to say.

Where did the name THE DARK HAWKS come from?
We were originally called THE DARK, but while living in Hollywood, there was another band on the scene who were also called The Dark, so it was either change the name, or elaborate on it. We chose the latter. One day Matt was pondering other band names, while listening to music, his eyes fell upon Tom Wait’s record “Night Hawks at the Diner”. So he snatched “hawks” whacked it on the end of THE DARK, and Voilà!
THE DARK HAWKS….We copyrighted the name! Ha!

Did you come from a musical family?
We have a rule in our household, if you wanna talk to someone, it has to be sung. So our house is a constant musical. Ha! I was raised on rock and roll and blues. Both my parents have a massive appreciation for music, so throughout my entire life, I’ve been perpetually inundated by music. I was named after The Rolling Stones song “Angie” My Pa also plays the blues harp! It never leaves his pocket.

What was your childhood like?
FUN!! It was all climbing trees, bare feet, fresh air, riding bikes, outside until dark, exploring, beach, bush, music, family. Loved being outside! –Still do!

Tell us a story about your voice, when did you realise you had this voice?
When I picked up the guitar and began writing my own songs. That’s when I really explored my vocals! But I never really knew I had the scream factor in me, until Matt encouraged me to try it. Was very, very hesitant to try but….

Who did you look up to as a kid?
My Mum of course! She’s the most vibrant, fun, funny, intelligent, optimistic, creative and adventurous person I know. When I grow up, I want to be her.

First Live gig you attended?
Alanis Morissette. I loved her!! My Pa crammed my 11 year old self and a bunch of my little girlfriends in the car, and took us all. Was very very cool! I like her to the day!

The last gig you attended?
Hanni el Khatib at The Factory Theatre

How did THE DARK HAWKS come together?
When I finally convinced Matt to let me be in a band with him. Ha! Unlike him, I’d never been in a band before. I could barely even sing in front of people at ALL, so I don’t know what I was thinking! But I knew I had to do it sooner or later, it was brewing, as much as the thought of it scared the shiz outta me. We wrote a handful of songs, did two “trial gigs” in Sydney, then packed our suite cases and went to Los Angeles for a dig at it there!
After arriving home from The States, we got Matt’s high school friend Mark Davies on the drums. Band complete.

You’ve played many a show in your short time together, is there one that really stands out to you?
We headlined ‘The Whiskey A’ Go Go’ on The Sunstrip in Hollywood. That was a bit cool for me. Just playing on the same stage as Jim Morrison had done all those years ago… Yeah, that was cool.

You guys have an EP that is doing the rounds at the moment, are there any plans for a future release?
For sure, when we find the time and cash, same ol’ story, time and cash…

Alot of people seem to be speaking out for and against Triple J recently week in the media, what are your thoughts on the debate? Be honest!
I don’t really listen to Triple J, so I’m not too hung up on the issue. I really don’t think Triple J is the be all end all passage for independent artist’s to gain recognition either, but It would be good of them to air a prime time segment of the unearthed bands.

Would you like to make a comment on the state of the Sydney music community right now?
It’s fun!! I love the camaraderie between bands! All helping each other out along the way! It’s nice. ‘My Sydney Riot’ has definitely played an important role in the Sydney music scene, in the way of bringing bands and people together.

What’s the best thing abut being an independent band?
Living by our own whimsical agenda

The worst thing?
Nothing! Maybs the cash??

Who are your personal influences in life?
My rad Parents and Indiana Jones, Jim Morrison too.

Do you have anything to say to girls out there who might want to get into music?
Modesty gets you nowhere. If you want to play music and perform, then you just have to “Feel the fear and do it anyway” cause f#*k it’s worth it!

Your thoughts on things like Spotify and social media in general?
Great for bands and businesses or watev’s, wanting to advertise and get ones name out there… Absorber of reality though.

What was your favourite moment of 2013?
Was a fun year, couldn’t pin point one particular moment!

The band that made you want to make music?
I never really made a conscious decision to do music. It’s something I’ve just always done. Ingrained in some primal, archaic part of my psyche.

Favourite bands right now?
I’m always listening to the fledgling albums of The Black Keys and KOL. Love the rawness. Muse and Florence, perfectly orchestrated.

Are you loving a record or a song right now?
I really like that T.V on the Radio song ‘Wolf like Me’ and QOTSA ‘If I had a Tail’

Looking back at 2013 what do you want to different in 2014 as a band?
Head overseas.

A you a movie buff or a book head?

Are you happy?

Burial or Cremation?
Ze latter! Unless you attach a string below to a bell above. Ha! Morbid!

Famous last words?
Why aren’t I famous?

THE DARK HAWKS are playing shows throughout February. Download their music, learn the words and then get yourself out there to a show!

THE DARK HAWKS upcoming shows
Saturday 1st Feb /// The Backroom, Kings X
Thurs 13th Feb /// Captain Cook Hotel, Surry Hills
Fri 14th Feb /// Cantina Del Sol, Manly
Wed 19th Feb /// Brighton Up Bar, Oxford St
Fri 21th Feb /// FBI Social, Kings X Hotel
Fri 28th Feb /// World Bar, Kings Cross

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