Putting on a gazillion grass-roots shows is not something that you’d wish upon anyone, but when it is a ‘life choice’ then you know you have to look at the reasons why you’re getting behind Local music in the first place or you need to get your head checked Haha! but like we just said it’s a life choice. So with that choice comes a responsibility to pass on some information to the cohorts you are dong it for – ie; the bands.

So we’ve decided to create a little bit of an information page for all bands, anyone looking for tips about stuff well we’ve got your back Homeslice! So if you look up at our MENU and click on the link which says TIPS FOR BANDS well that’s where we’ll start putting up information on a week to week basis (if we’re not too busy) for you guys so you can get your shit together regarding all things being in a band starting out or just day to day tips for survival as a band etc…

So this week we just wanted to throw down some simple tips for bands trying to get people to their shows. Have a read, these tips are actually pretty fun and easy and most can be done from your bed, but not all. So check it out and let us know how you go.Another thing that will increase your luck at getting people to your shows is to get everyone in your band to do these exercises, well primarily from 1 – 9. This is also a good test to see who is actually the weak link in your band. Any band member that is too cool to get the word out there about your shows means that alarm bells should be ringing in your head. Because if you don’t do computers then you can stick posters up. If you can’t do either, then well then ummm… Is that Elvis? BRB LOLZ!

Good luck!

1) Text messages /// Send poster via text to 10 close friends via your smart phone

2) Facebook posts /// Update your status with poster which should reach about 100+ friends

3) Share Facebook event /// Engage your facebook friends

4) Twitter updates /// Engage your twitter followers

5) Instagram /// Same as above

*Do you know that you can do a post to INSTAGRAM that actually connects to your facebook and twitter all at once? Just check your SHARING OPTIONS underneath PREFERENCES in the MENU.

6) Phone calls /// Old skool but effective. Take 5 minutes out to call 5 close friends and invite them along to your show. Don’t forget to let them know when you’re playing in case they can only pop in for a short amount of time.

7) Free drink /// Offer your favourite friend a free drink and use one of your drink cards to impress your fans and buy them a drink on arrival.

8) Free music /// Offer a free tune to your audience and email that song (soundcloud link) along with the flier to your email list.

9) Posters /// Print up the poster and stick them up at your cafe on your street and surround the venue with posters.

10) Fliers /// Print out fliers and give them out to people on the street on the night of your show to people in the surrounding area.

11) Create Email list /// People love feeling like you’re getting in touch with them personally about a show.

12) Create a video /// People love videos! bands talking about their shows is awesome! Upload to facebook or just do a quick one on INSTAGRAM!

13) Radio /// Call your local radio station (FBi Radio for Sydney folk) and request your song. Make sure they have your music in their library (Every first Monday of the month FBi Radio accept demo’s and recordings from local bands)

14) Street Press /// Get in touch with your local STREET PRESS ie; THE BRAG or THE MUSIC and request that you’d like to do a Q&A for your show. Or you can email them a Press Release with a hi res photo of your band and your gig might just turn up in the Local News section.

15) Sky writing /// Hire a plane to write your band name in the sky!

haha! just joking about that last one (or maybe not)


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