2013 has been a year of discovery for us here at MY SYDNEY RIOT and we have enjoyed getting to know so many amazing bands from all around the Country, but especially Sydney. This city is currently churning out some of the best unknown bands in Australia at the moment and it’s about time too.

We have actually come across many more awesome bands this year, but this is just a list of 13 bands that we realised had a couple of things in common, we had no idea who they were this time last year and on top of that none of these bands have any real radio support which also makes this little write-up all the more amazing and somewhat bizarre.

So here are 13 bands that you probably had no idea existed in 2013. You might wanna check them out in 2014. Yew!

the rumours
THE RUMOURS /// Sydney, nsw
A year ago this band had only just picked up all their instruments. A year on and THE RUMOURS have gone from strength to strength, already self-releasing a single and a debut ep. There is definitely a language attitude warning when it comes to The Rumours music, who actually fought off another band to legalize their name. Luckily for this band having an accountant in the ranks always helps with the legals. Moving from a 2 piece to 3 piece The Rumours have their sights set on releasing new music in 2014 with a new-found energy which will no doubt get these boys in front of more lovers of their bluesy grunge sounds in 2014!

the dark hawks
THE DARK HAWKS /// Sydney, nsw
THE DARK HAWKS have alot of potential and came out of nowhere to pretty much smash shows left right and centre. Touring relentlessly and rapidly making fans all over the East Coast is a big achievement for this already tight rock n’ roll machine. Their front woman Angie Anderson is one of the greatest voices we’ve heard this year alone. Keep all eyes on The Dark Hawks!

angry beige
ANGRY BEIGE /// Sydney, nsw
This 4 piece was definitely the surprise of the year for us. It’s probably more based on the fact that maybe they don’t even realise how great they are yet and that makes them even more of a threat, but what a sweet threat it is. Keep an eye on ANGRY BEIGE! They are one part quirky and one part Party rocking with a left punch to your eye socket. There is alot of danger lurking around and we can’t wait to see that thing show its face in 2014. You don’t want to mess with this band!

Byron Bay, nsw
PILOTS are a smooth outfit from out of Byron Bay and they know how to bring it live and on record. Front man Kit has great guitar skills and a sweet voice, backed by a solid power house of a rhythm section who also both play in hardcore bands. So that shit definitely plays a big part in why this band knows how to bring the good vibes to the stage. Tightness and soul is what this band brings and we’ve seen the opposite sex swoon over them too many times to believe otherwise. It’s all about the music with these guys and that’s why it works.

bored brats
Sydney, nsw
This band straight off the cuff reminded us of Nirvana, but the point of difference is these guys have a few mellow tracks in there, so they don’t just sit inside the grunge fence. Their sound makes these guys build into solid loud sections while keeping it fun with the soft bits. A very now sound, but with a little bit more than just your average slacker surf rock band vibe. They’re still young and probably still sit in the same bracket as ANGRY BEIGE. Soon enough they will know that they are actually awesome. Cool dudes, cool band.

elegant shiva
Byron Bay, nsw
Speaking of awesome ELEGANT SHIVA is one band who stink of knowing and thinking that they are gods gift to woman and man, and this my dear friend is what separates them from many new bands out there today. From the first beat to the last, this band live is what rock n’ roll dreams are made of. Catch them live and we guarantee you that no other two piece makes this much noise in Australia!

Sydney, nsw
Dead Kennedy’s meets old skool Regurgitator is as good as it gets if you want to get compared to something good and punk in 2014. These guys have alot of energy and if they play their cards right they could possibly own the next punk fusion sound to come out of this Country. Don’t ignore KATNIP!

big white
Sydney, nsw
BIG WHITE have a big future in Australian music if they actually get the chance to do what they do properly. It’s a unique approach by a multi songwriter band who seem to have a knack for dropping songs which might sound kinda disjointed to start with but then leave you wanting more once they leave the stage. It’s a neat trick and one that only great bands can get away with. Big White know how to write pop hooks and we are pretty sure that once Australia notices them, soon after the world might too, or vice versa.

new lovers
Sydney, nsw
If JOY DIVISION and NEW ORDER have a nephew then NEW LOVERS is it. These guys have the answer to that sound that many bands have tried to produce in the past but failed and many with success still fail at it while coming off looking like copy cats, but not New Lovers. They give this sound a future present twist, they also bring a longing and soul to their tunes that invites you in to experience the journey as a friend instead of the stranger vibe that this music can sometimes present. Look forward to more recordings by these guys. If one band needed a light show in Sydney then this band would be it. The sky is the limit for New Lovers.

BONEZ /// 
Sydney, nsw
If a band changed our minds deeply this year well then it was BONEZ. We have been guilty of turning away from talented bands purely because some of it didn’t really fit our little box. And that is always what comes back and proves you wrong about music, because really, good music is always just good music and we will try to be a little bit more conscious of that in the future. But to be fair, the addition of their new drummer has really put these guys up on the band to watch list in 2014 for us. Reminds us of old skool Red Hot Chili Peppers crossed with some blues. But if they find the right balance in that punk funk sound Bonez could pretty much destroy the joint in 2014! People at Blues Fest could find heroes in these guys, then Bonez will have access to a far wider audience out there. Haha! just sayin!

siamese almeida
Sydney, nsw
There is no other band doing what SIAMESE ALMEIDA is doing right now and that makes them a bit of a dangerous band. We have had the pleasure of catching them a few times in 2013 and every time they play you could just about swear that this band was from another planet. If they were from the US we’d all be singing their praises, but that is the burden of being a decent heavy-ish band in Australia, you literally have to fight through all the fake indie bands to even get a look in and even then you’re swimming against the tide. But we suggest that Siamese Almeida just keep plugging away and maybe they might just get a few lucky supports or do what the best bands end up doing, Go West!

mary gunn
Sydney, nsw
If Australia has a brother sister duo out there worth discovering then don’t look past MARY GUNN. These guys are pretty much a sure thing waiting to happen. Their one Single that is out there is stronger than what most bands can put out in a career. Like why isn’t this song on the radio? (Whut?) Ok so we wait with anticipation for their next move in 2014. If you haven’t heard of these guys yet, well you best get shuffling along to their facebook and pay these guys a big like. Mary Gunn Rock! Dig it!

violet pulp
Sydney, nsw
Jessica Angelina is the one musician in Sydney who has the true disease of shyness but then it is totally contradicted by her magical voice and songwriting skills which pretty much separates this talented songwriter from many bands known and unknown in this Country. There are whispers of a recording coming soon in 2014 for her musical vice which is VIOLET PULP, but it is only a matter of time before the pin drops and we all wake up to the voice of a truly gifted still yet to be discovered artist. You heard it here first Yo!

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