We caught up with one of our favourite Sydney bands, CHICKS WHO LOVE GUNS the other day. The boys are releasing some new vinyl. Mmmmmmm vinyl smells so nice. Anyways mid way thru eating burritos and smoking a hot one we noticed some Aliens amongst us. True story. Here’s what the aliens told CWLG to say. Keep rockin legends!

What’s been happening in the CWLG camp? Lots of new stuff just dropped a new single and video (check out below)  The single is one side of a 7″ which is about to come out super soon too.

You guys are a powerhouse live band, can you name your band influences as far as bringing it live is concerned? I don’t know, all that old punk stuff – Iggy etc – maybe At The Drive-In, Blood Brothers and stuff like that. It just made more sense for us to be a little wild on stage because those are the kind of shows you remember being at you know?

Does anyone in the band have strange talents? 
We probably all have weird shit we do on long drives. Throat singing, Beatboxing, Stoned freestyling.. Jack makes electronic music which is not so much a weird talent as a cool skill but yeah – we are generally pretty strange dudes anyway haha.

Being in a band is tough, how do 5 people stay so tight? 
We have known each other for years, since we were in high school and some of us even before that. I guess the band is just a good excuse for five friends to stay in contact. But we don’t piss each other off too bad because we are old friends I guess.

How did you go about doin the latest recording? 
We hooked up with Wade Keighran who used to play in The Scare – who for us were one of the first bands we were super inspired by as a band and they actually helped us out with some of our first shows. Everything was done to tape and was just super vibey in the studio. He’s got great taste and a really similar mentality to us when it comes to music so it was pretty tight.

For those who have no idea, can you give us a quick history of the band? 
Five idiots from Sydney, met as teenagers – formed a punk band amidst an era of acoustic dullness and 80s revival in the Sydney music scene and have been fighting the good fight for a few years now, had some fun shows and releases along the way. Now we’re in our early 20s and changing it up a little with this new release but we’re still the same idiots we always were really.

What’s the best thing abut being an independent band? 
Doing it your own way. Man, I can’t express how good it feels to build something from nothing without owing anyone shit (other than favours and thankyous) Being the master of your own art is a big thing and if you can get somewhere without having to borrow lots of money and signing any contracts it’s really rewarding.

The worst thing? 
Not being able to get Andre 3000 to collaborate.

Inspiration behind PENCILNECK vid? 
We wanted something that looked visually beautiful but also fucked up at the same time. So we went with really clean shots of mess.

Your thoughts on things like Spotify and social media in general? 
I tend not to think too much about things like that, I like social media in the way that it should be yours to use as a tool – Spotify doesn’t really do this in the way that Artists have no control over a Spotify account. I don’t use it. But Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Bandcamp whatever – that is yours to connect with your fans and put yourself out there. I like that.

What’s next for you guys now that the new release is on its way? 
Bit of a tour to launch the single, then hopefully another clip for the b side and hopefully getting over to the States and see what they think about us freaks.

Whats up for 2014? 
Time will tell, maybe a full length huh, bout time?

Famous last words? 
CHICKS WHO LOVE GUNS will be out on the road very soon. So go out there and hit them up at the following shows!
Sydney 31st July – Goodgod Small Club w/ Drown Under & Bachelor Pad
Brisbane 10th August – Trainspotters w/ Gazar Strips & No Sister
Sydney 15th August – Frankies PizzaMelbourne 29th August – Liberty Social w/ Mesa Cosa

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