In a world full of time wasters and people who don’t take responsibility for their own shit, the passing of Australian dance music legend AJAX leaves us all totally dumbfounded.

AJAX has come a long way from the nights when he’d hop on the decks at Middle Bar Kinselas during lock in drinks while his friends heckled him from the bar. Unfortunately his life came to an end in an accident involving a truck in Melbourne last night.

He worked hard, was a lovely human being and was a true pioneer. Winning dj of the year awards many times over, he also played a big part in bringing Australian electronic music culture out of the underground to a wider audience along side his sidekicks BANG GANG at their legendary parties at Club 77 and around Sydney which took place deep into the last decade.

AJAX was a busy individual and was always on the go, but he always had time for people. There was always someone ranting in his ear, poor guy. Even I was in his ear about remixing a track. Typical egotistical band people being drunk hassling dj’s about remixes. Haha!

If there is a God out there, then he certainly has a warped way of showing his love, but if we are all just stars in an endless galaxy of energy then Ajax’s star shone brighter than most in 10 lifetimes.

News feeds are littered with heartfelt tributes today on this sad rainy day, like it should be for the passing of a legend.

Rest in Peace Adrian Thomas aka AJAX and love to your family and close friends.

Friends and fans can pay tribute to AJAX on facebook HERE

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