In a world full of logo’s, billboards, subliminal messages, spam and twitter it’s kinda hard to really know whether we are living in a world where advertising is art or whether we are simply just slaves to the Corporates. But one thing we know is this, there are alot of ugly t-shirts out there and what you wear is what you are, sorry it’s a cruel world, people are that judgemental. And in some cases it’s the difference between you getting layed or refused entry into the club.

So here’s 10 reasons why you’d be way cooler wearing a MY SYDNEY RIOT t-shirt, say if we were to start selling them on the internet…

1. You’d be way more attractive to the opposite sex

2. You’d be way more attractive to the same-sex

3. You will be sent to the front of any line, even the bank

4. You’ll get free drinks

5. You will get invited to after parties based on your t-shirt alone

6. You get into a fight, you’ll go to jail, but at least you looked cool when they took your mug shot

7. Will give you the confidence to talk your way out of jail

8. They make you more attractive after sex

9. Your street cred will not be questioned

10. They make good pyjamas

Anyway if you believe in what we are saying or if you just like what we’re doing out here then become a billboard for your Homies at MSR because believe us random people will start asking you questions like “IS SKARLETT YOUR GIRLFRIEND?” “YOU FRIENDS WITH GOONS OF DOOM? LETS HAVE SEX!” “WHO THE FUCK IS BEC AND BEN?” “DO THE RUMINATERS REALLY FISH ALL DAY?” “HOW COME BANG! BANG! ROCK N’ ROLL NEVER WANNA GO HOME?” but most importantly when you’re old your kids will be wearing that shit down the street gettin hi fives from strange people! it’s a vicious cycle. ROCK N’ ROLL!

So why don’t you tell your friends to like us at http://facebook.com/mysydneyriotofficial and we’ll see how we go?


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