City: Melbourne, Vic
Style: Garage / Menopause
Members: Jake Doyle, Dean Whitby, Jonny Badlove, Adam Ritchie, Isaac Forsyth

DRUNK MUMS are by and large a steam train garage punk rock monster who probably own the virtual keys to the city of Melbourne if the award was based on the band that rocks out the most till the break of dawn.

They’re kinda like AC DC in over drive and man they party hard in the real tradition of rock n’ roll which has been handed down to the lucky few by the god fathers. Their riffs are killer and their vibe on stage is all good times and tellin stories of where they’re from in Melbourne suburbia.

You know when you have a wave system and it shows you the peaks? well take away the bottom 80% and the 20% left over at the top is where DRUM MUMS operate, on high energy punk rock n’ roll and that’s both on and off stage.

If you get a chance get out there catch these guys live. They’re a ball of energy and you will no doubt have the most funnest night out of your life.

So keep one eye out for DRUNK MUMS in April when they return to the road to do what they do best, which is KICK OUT THE JAMS! AND PARTY! and the other eye keep it firmly on your girlfriend. Don’t let the mullets fool ya, the boys have street fightin girl stealin charm. You ready? Bloody Better Be!


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