Artist: SUI ZHEN
City: Sydney/Melbourne
Style: folk, exotic, easy-listening, electronic pop
Members: Rebecca Freeman

Rebecca Freeman aka SUI ZHEN is one of those artists who you don’t know but you actually know her songs. You’ll be driving along tapping to a tune coming from the radio and then later on you’re like “O that’s Sui Zhen? right! I knew that”.

We met Sui Zhen a few years back when myspace was the thing and MSR was just starting out. She was just starting out too, she was friendly, talented and she played a few of our events, primarily the LA FEMME (all girl) shows. There were two really amazing things about SUI ZHEN that really stood out to us, her amazing ability to write catchy songs which went well with her shiny, multi pitched, captivating voice. Secondly, she really knew how to engage with the room between songs, you could make audio tapes of her speaking between songs, she’s are that good. So pretty much from then on, we were hooked. But like many artists, she disappeared from our radar, pretty sure she did some overseas adventures and now she’s back.

She’s been making waves over the years and has enjoyed alot of love from FBi Radio in Sydney, but this year it really feel like there’s a shift, the production of her music is entering a new dimension and the SUI ZHEN story to us feels like it’s on its way to brighter and exciting musical territories.

Her Beastie Boys cover of GRATITUDE is insane, purely because covering the Beasties is no easy task for anyone. Her reverse styling of this classic Beasties track is off the hook and anyone with good taste will know what we mean.

Her latest single MIDRIFFS is also amazing, it hits a very perfect dreamy note where some with lesser talent have tried and failed. Check out the video below, SUI ZHEN has attitude, a cool sense of humour and talent in spades. Now it’s just up to the rest of the world to catch up.

If you get a chance get out there and see SUI ZHEN live! We’ll try to hassle her to come and play a show.

O shit she lives in Melbourne? we’ll send her an email STAT!


PS: This Guy’s In Love With You – Burt Bacharach / The Reels cover is just a sweet bonus!


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