Artist: DARAH
City: Shapparton, Vic
Style: Australian Aboriginal Hip Hop
Members: DARAH

We’ll be honest and say that we don’t follow very much Australian Hop Hop, but over the long weekend a close friend played us a song called ‘STRAIGHT OUTTA SHEPPARTON’ by an Australian Aboriginal Hip Hop crew SOUTH SIDE KINGS from Victoria who also flow under the guise, DARAH MUSIC. At first you could probably miss the point, but if you actually look closer (which we did) we discovered that there is a flourishing hip hop community from down South who preach – standing up for aboriginal rights, depression, anti-racism and the wider cause which is, to be an aboriginal in the 21st century.

We are surprised at this discovery because to us JARAH (the artist and the posse) are making real hip hop music. Try lining up DARAH next to an artist like 360, yeah he may be platinum and all, but that’s where 360 ends and DARAH begins.

The beats and samples are world class, it’s testament to ideas and dreams of a revolution that in time will outlive the rest, especially if DARAH gets given the chance to be exposed to a wider audience.

Like we said we don’t usually follow Aussie Hip Hop, but to hear the word play from this artist, we feel very positive that HIP HOP in this Country might be on its way to finding a true voice, standing up for something totally opposite to the mostly radio friendly hip hop that primarily flows out of the airwaves at National Youth Broadcaster, Triple J.

If you are all about the good times and strictly party hip hop this probably won’t be your bag, but if you want to hear deep lyricism which might actually give you a true uncomfortable insight into real issues facing young aboriginal’s and young people in general, then DARAH is a good place to start.

Some food for thought as we  come away from the long weekend that was Australia Day, a celebration which was packed to the rafters with Aussie culture minus any reminder of the struggles that the Aborigine people (the original Australian’s) still face today.

Enjoy the message and the music – DARAH, our artist of the week.


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