City: Brisbane, Qld
Style: Punk
Members: Alex Hicksons, Simon Parsons, Robert McEvoys, Nick Slaters, Liam McMullens

It’s pretty much common knowledge that Brisbane breeds good bands and they are definitely responsible for the fair share of punk driven indie music which still floods the music landscape today, primarily youth broadcaster Triple J. Just off the top of our heads the list reads like so; VIOLENT SOHO, MILLIONS, DUNE RATS, THE VELOCIRAPTORS, GUNG HO, DZ DEATHRAYS and we’re sure there’s more. That’s an impressive list right? There’s something in the water! Pretty sure that some Sydney bands think the exposure that Brisbane bands get Nationally is totally lope sided, but for now that’s just how the cookie crumbles.

CRASS CREATURES is a new band from the same town and we believe that they have what it takes to be added to that list in 2013. Their songs are cut from a similar cloth as their counterparts, but they also have something a little different happening. They have more of a punk brat feel to their songs mixed in with some great double up of guitar melodies (similar to the Strokes) then add in there some darker ideas which make them a serious threat to bands that lack attitude. Their front man Alex has an A.D.D kinda stage presence, it’s a strength that could set them apart from the pack, especially when this band eventually comes fully out of its shell.

CRASS CREATURES are fresh and definitely pack a punch live. The last time they came to Sydney was when MSR took over MUM. They definitely impressed alot of people with their take no prisoners party vibe.

There are alot of possibilities here and we are excited to see them back in Sydney when they return in 2013. CRASS CREATURES could be the next big punk band from Brisbane. Y’all should keep an eye on these guys in 2013!



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