City: Sydney, NSW
Style: soul Punk
Members: Mr Ray, Ms Skarlett, Mr Brett

Our main writer slipped over and broke his arm at the kebab shop after seeing Tame Impala last night. This morning we asked the Work experience kid to write a quick little article about our feature artist FAIT ACCOMPLI, but he had weekend community service for drawing dicks on a wall.

So instead of the usual program we’ve been running this December we decided to send some random email questions to the band. We managed to get in touch with singer/ guitarist Mr Ray who was kind enough to return our questions. Here’s what he had to say…

How’s it going?

I’m good, just chillin.

What are you up to?

Just watched Australian Joel Parkinson win the Surf World Championship on the TV today. It was very inspiring.

Are you stoned?

Ya Mun! Nah just joking.

When was your last night out on the town?

On Thursday night I went to see TWINCEST play at Canteen in Bondi. They were amazing! it was totally mad fun. Later in the night I bumped into VD and Cowboy from the GOONS. I don’t remember getting home.

Are you an alcoholic?

No, I think I’m doing fine thanks.

Are you a drug addict?

No! Are these questions for real?

How was the year for FAIT ACCOMPLI?

We had a great year, getting everything back to the right level has been the main mission for us this year and now it feels like we’re ready to hit up the next adventure.

Any highlights?

Our SPIES tour was pretty amazing, heading to Perth was great and visiting Bon Scott’s grave was spiritually fulfilling. Playing two shows in Byron Bay was definitely a big highlight for us this year. I feel like the Coastal towns really understand what we are trying to do as a band. The last time we played The Great Northern, Byron Bay it was packed and we got an encore. This wasn’t one of those pretend encores, this was the real deal. Hearing people screaming out your band’s name is one of the most exciting feelings for any band.

Any Lowlights?

No not really. Well there was the microphone to the face incident. haha!

FAIT ACCOMPLI has gone through many lineup changes, what has that been like for you as a musician?

I see life as constant change, so as long as I am growing as a person then it doesn’t bother me who I am playing music with. With every person that has been in Fait, I try to just play to their strengths, it doesn’t matter if someone has big skills or none, if they have soul then you can always work with that. As soon as a musician moves away from the band on a passion level I just readjust myself to the next scenario.

If your heart is still in it the music will live on and when it’s time for it to die you’re pretty much the first to know. But right now everything seems to be in its right place.

Are you guys playing any Music Festivals over the summer?

We’d like to be, I mean we applied for many but we got the old rejection email a few times, which sucks!

What’s coming up next for FAIT ACCOMPLI?

We hope to have all of our new songs ready to go in the early part of 2013. From there we’d like to demo our new tracks then hopefully try to get ourselves into a decent studio with a strong producer to record what we think will be our best work yet. So yeah can’t wait.

O and there’s been talk about looking for proper management etc…

What is your songwriting process?

I tend to just listen out for the sounds, the songs generally fall from the sky. But right now I’m listening out harder than usual. Songs are very casual affairs for us, like we can just jam and write a song in 5 minutes. Our songs tend to write themselves, it’s bizarre. At the moment I am really challenging myself to think hard about songs and ideas, so maybe with a little bit of effort we could possibly make a record that will represent something different, maybe even a brave new world. So that is potentially very exciting for us as a band.

What are you hoping to achieve in 2013?

We are trying our best to get on music festivals next year around Australia. We get pretty decent live reviews so we just think it’s the next step for us. So yeah message to all bookers out there, please book us! You can contact our booker here – email: weareartistunion@gmail.com

We also want to travel abroad, so working hard on this new recording is very important to us.

Do you have any favourite bands in Australia right now?

Check out the 21 bands that are being featured in the SYDNEY UNDERGROUND MUSIC MONTH. They are all rad!

Any last words?

People really need to start paying attention to real live bands in 2013 or else we will all die.

PS: Here’s a live review we got from the internet…

Kicking off the show was locals Fait Accompli which are a magnificent mix of garage rock and indie rock. The howling vocals and the furious drum beats created such a sound in the tiny room, there was a need to take a break outside. There are no negatives in the how loud they were; it felt like they needed to be that loud, any softer the band could sound drowned out by each other.  The drumming was like watching a seasoned metal drummer and perfectly backed up by the intense strumming by bassist. The frantic strumming and virtuosos of guitarist was something to be astounded by. Definitely watch out for Fait Accompli in the future years.



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