Artist: BLOODS
City: Sydney, NSW
Style: Garage folk pop
Members:  MC, Dirk, Sweetie

Sydney is really kickin ass at the moment with so many quality bands around town right now and three-piece BLOODS is definitely one of them.

BLOODS are making alot of noise with their fun take on garage punk music. Vocalist/guitarist MC actually owns one of the best voices in Sydney giving garage rock a much needed girls perspective on the situation with great lyrical action between her and Sweetie on bass while Dirk smashes from behind on the drums.

A tight unit live BLOODS have already played some great shows, their up coming tour with UNKNOWN MORTAL ORCHESTRA is definitely a kick ass way to start off 2013.

Musically BLOODS sound would definitely go down well in the USA or the UK alongside any band out there that has a slant towards arty punk and even cross over electronic punk styles.

Making videos is helping BLOODS keep the vibe alive and also working closely with music peeps HAND GAMES is helping them make their way through the confusing maze that is the Australian music industryyyy (hate that word).

If this gang just keeps on with their explosive creative output, their passion along with all the hard work will allow BLOODS to float on far above the rest.

But seriously everything we’ve said together with an awesome name like BLOODS what can actually go wrong?



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