City: Batemans Bay, NSW
Style: Indie Punk Experimental
Members: Matt Jenkin, Liam Gray, Don Richards

DEAD BEAR are a cool indie experimental post punk band from Batemans Bay in the South Coast of NSW. The first time we saw these guys play totally blew us out of the water! It was bizarre that an unknown band all the way from the South Coast had this massive cross over sound and they were all like really young, like still in High School young!

Their music is kind of like Fugazi crossed over with Nirvana and some of their own personal influences thrown into the mix. Anyway what ever it is they are doing, it is working and we can’t wait to hear a proper recording from these guys.

Their local venue NORTH STREET CAFE has been a breeding ground for live music, venue owner the legendary Mr Drew has put in a good effort for this community inviting a massive cross-section of underground bands from Hard Ons to Fait Accompli, The Go Roll Your Bones to Zeahorse, The Bungalows and Goons of Doom to tour the South Coast over the years making Batemans Bay a great place to see bands.

Without Drew’s efforts in supporting live music a band like DEAD BEAR may have never existed, let alone some other amazing local bands like BEACH COMA and DEAD GANG who are currently residing in Melbourne.

North St Cafe took a hiatus for a little while, but we  are happy to say that they will be back in business, better and stronger. So keep an eye out for shows back at The Northern in the Bay in 2013.

We don’t have any musical evidence of DEAD BEAR just yet, but trust us when we say, you will be hearing from them soon. And when your ears prick up listening to the radio or one day at a show, just remember this “We told you so!”


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