The Brisbane music scene circa 1970’s and 1980’s played an important role in Australian music history and where it is today. Brisbane band THE SAINTS would go on to bring Brisbane and Australian music out of the dark ages and into a new era. Fast forward to 2012 and Brisbane has had a long-lasting legacy giving birth to many great bands like THE GO BETWEENS, REGURGITATOR, DUNE RATS, DZ DEATHRAYS and MILLIONS just to name a few.

Alot has changed since the 70’s, but in many ways the struggles that seemed to plague musicians back in those days are still the same issues that bands grapple with today; getting shows, making a living and the lack of radioplay.

Punk attitude was alot more prominent in those days and you get a real sense that bands were writing songs about issues that were impacting their lives. ‘Getting out of Brisbane’ and ‘standing up to the man’ seemed to be on alot of people’s minds.

A great snap shot of an important era in Australian music. Some really cool bands are in this doco too.


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