COLD CHISEL are one of the most respected live bands from the era where Australian musicians were cutting their teeth in the pubs and as road warriors. Live music ruled and the bands that actually got credibility were the ones that were doing the hard yards out there touring up and down the Hume.

Today the live music scene is now divided into two groups, those who are fighting for their very survival playing in empty pubs across the Country versus fans lined up down the street to see a band based on one high rotation radio single at The Corner Hotel. Boy times have changed.

We hope that in the future the live reputation of bands who are taking their music out there to the people week in week out will be where we seek out the next big thing in Australia again, not a radio competition. God save us if doctors are being hired based purely on the brightness of their teeth.

Jimmy Barnes is a legend and he did pretty good for himself too, but man COLD CHISEL were the real deal! Enjoy this Documentary.


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