split enz

1971 was the birth of a band called SPLIT ENZ, one of the most important bands to ever break out of New Zealand. In 1975 they ended up in Melbourne then the UK and the rest that say is rock n’ roll history. Fast forward to 2012 and SPLIT ENZ have had a big influence on music in general inspiring artists from all around the world.

Brothers Tim and Neil Finn have both played an integral part in the evolution of New Zealand music (some would think otherwise) through many of their musical journeys since SPLIT ENZ, primarily CROWDED HOUSE. Although they have both received success since the ENZ, songs like I GOT YOU, HISTORY NEVER REPEATS, POOR BOY, MESSAGE TO MY GIRL, I SEE RED and SIX MONTHS IN A LEAKY BOAT are right up there with some of the most memorable songs in modern music history.

This documentary will give you an insight into how SPLIT ENZ (a band who were probably way ahead of their time), then CROWDED HOUSE started a journey which would eventually affect the rest of the world all the way from a little Country at the end of the seven seas, Middle Earth.

THE SWINGERS (you know that K mart song?) are in the mix too. Enjoy!


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