Tonights film is a documentary about one of Australia’s most successful bands, Newcastle’s SILVERCHAIR. Believe it or not while most of us were trying to nail the art of writing music SILVERCHAIR were already onto their fourth Australian number 1 and most critically acclaimed album, DIORAMA.

Alot has been said about this band, but not many Australian bands have had to put up with a prying media onslaught like Daniel Johns did, yes he had a Michael Jackson-like experience which is rare in this day and age. This kid out of dreamy Newcastle literally had to grow up in the spotlight at the age of 15 and it affected his physical and emotional health in ways that many people did not want to understand at the time.

Sadly enough SILVERCHAIR broke up not too long ago, but they have left behind an important musical legacy which probably won’t be truly appreciated until the dust settles a decade or so from now.


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