City: Sydney, NSW
Style: Soul indie folk
Members: Matilda Paget, Presley Paget, Niko Kristian-Lauste, Gabrielle Pearce

The first time we heard of LOURDES was literally on Facebook. A band had pulled out of the La Femme show we were putting on this year, so we were in a bit of trouble. Looking up to read the facebook daily news stream we came across a post by a girl named Presley who shyly suggested that we check out her band LOURDES. So as we do in our moments of “what the fuck do we do now?” we clicked on the link.

Low and behold the deep voice of Presley’s sister Matilda rose up, tangled inside a dramatic sweep of music which gently blew out from the speakers. It wasn’t super loud and it wasn’t pop music catchy either, but it had alot of soul, a warm feeling which came over you like when the sun peers out of the sky at dawn. So our first reaction was OMFG! lets book this band. So right then and there we asked them to play the show and straight away they said yes.

This music is deep-rooted in the tradition of bands fronted by soulful vocalists, comparisons to a darker Beth Orton and Cat Power come to mind. It is always nice to discover something totally brand new and different from the usual sounds you hear out there today, it’s the wonderful surprise about loving all kinds of music.

LOURDES are fairly new to the scene, so many of you may not know them, but they do bring something familiar and so it draws you in. Their live show is still developing and they are currently in the middle of recording new material, but if you watch their video SOLAR below it’s pretty clear that there is a magic inside this band which is happening already, the rest of us just need to catch up. So add LOURDES to your list of  new artists to watch in 2013.


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