City: Gold Coast, Qld
Style: Good times Garage Rock n’ Roll
Members: Mickey, Joey, Heterick

DEAD BEAT BAND have played a big part in starting up the fires as far as Gold Coast bands are concerned. Before DBB came along there weren’t really that many surf inspired garage rock bands in the Coast. These guys have a knack for making friends and are extremely friendly with the ladies, a sweet recipe for rock n’ roll magic to happen.

The first time we met was back in 2006 at a cool music festival called Wonderland in the Gold Coast. Front man Mickey was just hanging in his sweet jump suit, he was friendly and had a real love for music. 

Over the years we would bump into Mickey on many occasions and a strong friendship happened from there. Mickey was kind enough to make his place our crash pad when the Riot headed North. A drunken conversation we had with Mickey and drummer Scrubsy in 2009 would spur the idea of the boys starting up a band. The funny thing is 6 months later the boys actually formed a real band and they had songs, really cool songs. Scrubsy and Mickey were only new to their instruments, but they were joined by their mate Joey who was pretty amazing on guitar. They kinda worked it all out on the go and got to the point of the matter quickly.

Seeing them for the first time at a packed out Goons of Doom show at Neverland was mind blowing, they had the full house rockin out like they had been doin it for years yet they were the opening band. Old Rock n’ Roll souls I say.

The boys have played many epic shows, touring the East Coast relentlessly and hitting up your odd music festival, notably the Big Day Out and many My Sydney Riot parties. They are in the midst of piecing together their next step which is to release their debut album, but for now you should head out to a show and check them out, DEAD BEAT BAND are great live and they will make you dance.

One of many notable stories is a weekend bender we had while Fait Accompli were on tour this year. The boys had an onstage tiff at a full Great Northern show in Byron Bay. After their noisy set Joey got kicked out of the venue  by the bouncers and payed $300 for a cab back to the Gold Coast. Apparently it was intense on stage that night, but from the crowds point of view Dead Beat Band had truly stepped up to the next level of rawkus Rock n’ Roll. Band fights on stage are totally rare these days and to know that these guys are totally peaceful fun loving dudes makes this story all the more awesome!


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