Ben Tillman is my buddy and he miraculously survived a major car accident. Ben has suffered a spine injury and is now recovering at Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney.

Ben runs ‘Yours & Owls’ and has done alot for the Wollongong music scene. We just wanted to raise some money to help out with any bills in the short term, but most importantly we want Ben to know that we care and we are thinking about him.

“Ben I know you’ll hate me for doing this, but you’re my bro and I love ya man! Hope you can make it to the gig!”



If you’d like to help out please get in touch via email:

We are looking for the following;
– A venue, preferably in Wollongong
– Any bands who’d like to give their time please get in touch

– We are looking for sponsors so we can hold a raffle on the day so we can give away prizes
– If you have any signed Rock n’ Roll memorabilia or anything worth giving away please get in touch also
– If you are an artist and have a painting or illustration, please get in touch
– If you just want to help at all please just get in touch
– If you have any friends who might be interested in helping out please send them a link to this post!

All the money raised will go towards Ben’s recovery and anything else that we can do to help out.

Peace and love,

Ray X and the My Sydney Riot crew

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