LA FEMME – Photography by David Hewitson

Thanks to everyone who joined us at LA FEMME last Friday night. Big shout out to Mylee Grace and the Milkshakes, Bec and Ben, LourdesWarchief. Please check out these artists! Thanks to Tallow GallerySailor Jerry AustraliaAnnandale Hotel, all the visual artists and especially all our friends who came out and celebrated our love for the women who create art and music in our city!

LA FEMME is a celebration or women and their rights to freedom of creativity and free speech in Australia, a privilege that we take for granted.

We dedicate this event to our punk rock sisters PUSSY RIOT who are right now facing some pretty hard times in jail in Russia for speaking out against their Government.

Yes there’s not much we can do physically from here in Australia, but if we can inspire our friends and others to come together and celebrate our creativity, then in the long-term the future may one day be a brighter one for young women not only in Russia, but all over the world.

Peace and love. X


Photography by the talented David Hewitson.

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