Sydney’s FAIT ACCOMPLI are currently out on the road literally setting fire to stages around Australia with their Soul Punk musical powers. So we here at MSR were first unsure, then we thought “fuck it!” let’s make FAIT ACCOMPLI our ARITST OF THE MONTH for July. So tune in over the coming weeks as we follow them through their SPIES tour and get some fly on the wall info about the shows and after show shenanigans. Like we’ve already heard about the SAILOR JERRY fuelled Gold Coast all-nighter they pulled with friends DEAD BEAT BAND, PIRATES ALIVE and a loose member of STICKY FINGERS last Friday night which led to a near on stage biff between the members of DEAD BEAT BAND during their set at a packed Great Northern in Byron Bay on Saturday. One of the boys was then ejected from the venue and took the $300 cab ride home option to the Gold Coast – Rock n’ Roll! Sounds like the tour is going swell!

The first single from SPIES ‘NO GREAT EXPECTATIONS’ / video with lyrics for Karaoke!

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