DAMN TERRAN are a cool three-piece hard rocking punk vibrations band from Melbourne. They are our artist of the month here at MSR and we are pretty stoked that they will be in our town this Friday 18th May. So here’s a little interview we did with Lachlan in between shows for their current hard rocking flame of a single REBELS.

Where did you grow up?
Leigh and I grew up in the Eastern suburbs of Victoria and Ali grew up in Hamilton, south-west Victoria.

Was music in the family or did you pick it up somewhere?
Both our parents can’t play any instruments but we do have a musical Grand dad and Uncle… our Dad did however introduce us to some amazing music like Frank Zappa, Led Zeppelin & Devo to name a few.

Can you recall one of your favourite early childhood memories?
The childhood memory that stands out the most is probably when Leigh knocked me out with a beanbag… I think he erased all memories before that moment… so my favourite one could have been one of those… we’ll never know.

What made you want to join a band?
I had no choice… Leigh made me do it. We went to the Big Day Out one year and we were watching Magic Dirt play… they were so awesome that it made me want to start a band.

How did Damn Terran come together?
At the time I was playing in a band in year 11 at school. After a while I decided to start writing different songs, ones that were a bit heavier and more enjoyable to me. Before I knew it I was kicked out of said high school band and had no choice but to form Damn Terran with my bro. We had a good year or 2 of playing as much as we could before taking a year and a half off. We got the ball rolling again in 2010 by getting Ali on bass and its been going great since.

Inspiration behind the name Damn Terran?
I have no idea what I was thinking at the time… I just wanted something a bit different that stood out a bit. ‘Damn Terran’ is basically a nerdy way of saying Damn Humans… and all the Wolf names were taken.

If you weren’t a musician what would you be doing?
I would probably be working my day job and going insane…

Tell us something about your current hometown.
I live in Northcote which is about 20 minutes from the City. In 2006 the population of Northcote was 22,061 .

Anything exciting happening in the Melbourne scene right now?
We’re really lucky in Melbourne… We have a lot of awesome bands in the one place… sometimes I think it’s a curse as its so hard to choose what gig to go to.

What are the positives about being an independent band?

The fact that we can do whatever we want is great…

The negatives?
The obvious one is that we don’t have much money!

This new single REBELS is a hard hitting song and it is also going against the grain of what a lot of Australian bands are putting out ther now. How did this song happen?
This is the first song that we all worked on together – both lyrically and musically. It still has the same vibe as older tracks but I think it’s a step forward for the band.

Are you a political band? or are you just frustrated? what are you?
Leigh is the political one and I just get pissed off at things every now and then. Ali likes to argue.

You’ve toured with some cool bands including Children Collide and DZ Deathrays. How has being on the road treated you? Any cool tour stories?
That first tour was so much fun. It was the first time we did it so we learnt a lot of things. What to do/what not to do.
(Rule #1. Dont try and take Woody’s beer)

A lot of bands tend to head overseas to get noticed here at home. Do you think this is the only way an Australian band can get noticed? or do you have different ideas?
It’s not really necessary anymore, you can contact venues, managers, international bands overseas so easily now via the internet. Although it would be great to tour through the states and get a name for ourselves over there.

What needs to change in your eyes for a local band to get a true leg up in Australia?
More funding!

What inspires you to remain creative?
Lack of funding to stick it to the man.

Name your favourite bands in Australia right now.
High Tea, Ouch My Face, DZ Deathrays, The Peep Tempel, Udays Tiger, On Sierra, Kids of Zoo, Heavy Beach, Howl At The Moon,

What’s the best thing about music right now for you?
That we get to go around Australia playing it to different crowds! … and sometimes we even get free food.

What are your thoughts about the internet and downloading?
It’s great.

Do you ever get nervous when it comes to recording? or do you feel at home in the studio?
I’m fine with recording instruments but when doing vocals it takes a little bit to warm up to it.

Where do you get the inspiration for your lyrics from?
Sometimes a lyric will just come to me… other times I’ll think of a topic or a name of a song and work from there. If that all fails I go to Leigh.

What has been your favourite town to play in Australia? and why?
The first show we played in Hobart was crazy. I saw at least 4 people leave with blood on their faces. We recently went to Brisbane and Adelaide though… we had such a rad time in both cities. We’re really looking forward to playing Sydney again, it’s been too long!

What’s in the pipeline for Damn Terran?
After this tour we’re going to finish up writing the album. We’ll release a single later this year which has a special guest doing some vocals… and we might throw in another tour or 2 in there somewhere.

Favourite songs to hear on the road?
Queens of the Stone Age is always good to hear when driving… it does make you speed though so you have to be careful.

Do you have a dream lineup that you’d like to be part of in the future?
Would be awesome to play with someone like At The Drive-In, Queens of the Stone Age, Future of the Left
There are a few bands that have been famous for the brother connection, what is like being in a band with your brother?
It’s actually really easy… Just the idea of us getting pissed off at each other is pretty funny.

Favourite international human being doing creative things in the world right now?

Are you a movie buff or a book head? give us your current fave’s.
I’m a movie person who is having a blank.

Any recent life changing moments?
Free beer.

Any last words of wisdom?
Broken hearts are for assholes.



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